Spices are the life of food because they enhance the taste and flavour of the dishes and help us enjoy them. That apart, they have considerable health benefits also. Despite their availability at any store, most spices in the market sell at high prices. To help you, we have an at-hand reference here.


Name Today's Prices Changes
Red ChilliRed Chilli 300 ₹/Kg ₹ 0.00
CuminCumin 400 ₹/Kg ₹ 0.00
CorianderCoriander 200 ₹/Kg ₹ 0.00
Black PepperBlack Pepper 700 ₹/Kg ₹ 0.00

Disclaimer: Vegetables and grocery prices may vary between markets, shopping malls /super markets and retail shops. The prices are based on the availability and rates quoted by the retail vendors at Chhatra Bazaar, Cuttack.