Like almost all assets in financial markets, prices of most-sought-after valuable metals gold and silver are largely unpredictable. The rates of the precious metals are dependent on international market currency prices, gold reserves, inflation, interest rates, among other factors. Apart from that, jewellery rates also differ due to taxes imposed by states, excise and making charges. With more and more people now preferring buying, investing on gold, regular updates on gold silver market is a must-know for all. Visit OdishaTV to get a hang of the gold and silver prices daily from the comfort of your home.

Gold & SIlver

Name Today's Prices Changes
Gold 24 CaratGold 24 Carat Bhubaneswar
59100 ₹/10 gram
₹ 300.00
Gold 23 CaratGold 23 Carat Bhubaneswar
57000 ₹/10 gram
₹ 200.00
Gold 22 CaratGold 22 Carat Bhubaneswar
54600 ₹/10 gram
₹ 200.00
Gold 20 CaratGold 20 Carat Bhubaneswar
49700 ₹/10 gram
₹ 200.00
Gold 18 CaratGold 18 Carat Bhubaneswar
44900 ₹/10 gram
₹ 200.00
Gold 14 CaratGold 14 Carat Bhubaneswar
35300 ₹/10 gram
₹ 100.00
SilverSilver Bhubaneswar
70000 ₹/Kg
₹ -700.00

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