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Sandeep Sahu

Sandeep Sahu

Guest Editor

Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.


Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.


Posts by Sandeep Sahu

Op-Ed: ‘Titli’ has blown away all the good work done over the years

Zero to 26 in four days flat. That is certainly an incredible leap for a government, which had stuck to its ‘zero casualty’ boast till Friday. Even after Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) Bishnupada Sethi confirmed...

Op-Ed: It’s Grave Injustice to Slot Amitabh As Just An Actor

Watching a short, two and a half minute long video posted by someone on Twitter recently, I was awestruck by the spring in the feet of the Birthday Boy who is celebrating his 76th birthday...

Op-Ed: Predators be aware, #MeToo Could Blow You Away

Even as cyclonic storm ‘Titli’ is all set to hit Odisha early on Thursday morning, there is no sign on the state’s radar of another storm that has hit both mainstream and social media in...

Musahars of Kushinagar
Op-Ed: From Kashipur to Kushinagar, Things Haven’t Changed for the Poorest

For the suave, educated, well-bred city dweller, raised to appreciate and relish the ‘finer things’ of life, the mere thought of someone eating rats may make him/her want to puke. But it is staple ‘diet’...

Op-Ed: Why We Should Ignore Predictions on Polls?

Pre-election ‘surveys’ are the flavour of the season. And true to form, we have worked ourselves into a tizzy over the findings of two back to back surveys – the India Today ‘Political Stock Exchange’...

Op-Ed: West Indies Is Passe, The Real 'Test' is in Australia

Coming as it does so soon after the disastrous England tour, the commanding victory against the West Indies by an innings and 272 runs at Rajkot today should have lifted the spirits of the Indian...

Op-Ed: Let There Be A Referendum on College Elections

Twenty seven and counting. That is the number of colleges where elections have been cancelled after a wave of violence swept campuses across the state in the past few days. Add to this list five...

Op-Ed: Full-time Job, Part-time Officer

Act first, think later. That appears to be the golden principle the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has been following religiously. Any hope that the change of guard at the top would put the messy...

Op-Ed: Stop False-worshipping Gandhiji; Embrace Gandhigiri Instead

There is a particularly poignant scene in Sir Richard Attenborough’s iconic 1984 film ‘Gandhi’ where a crowd of rustic looking men marches ahead with quiet determination, two at a time, to be baton-charged by policemen....

Op-Ed: State has no business peeping into people’s bedrooms

Everyone in India, even the unlettered, has an opinion on everything under the sun. So, it was not at all surprising to find people from all walks of life holding forth with their own interpretation...

devotee dies Puri Srimandir
Op-Ed: Nothing ‘Secret’ or ‘Sacred’ About Brahma Parivartan Fiasco

It is a fraud on people. First, the then chief administrator of the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) Suresh Mohapatra, for reasons that have never been explained, took over two years to complete the investigation...

Ayodhya verdict live
Op-Ed: The Last Has Not Been Heard on Aadhaar

Strange are the ways of the judiciary. Oblivious of the intricacies of law, ordinary mortals like this author fail to understand how one member of the five-judge constitutional bench, Justice Chandrachud, came to a conclusion...

Op-Ed: Onus Now On People To Keep Criminals Out Of Parliament

Politicians must be heaving a huge sigh of relief at the Supreme Court decision to lob the ball to the court of Parliament on the question of disqualification of candidates charge sheeted in criminal cases....

Op-Ed: Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric; BJP, BJD are still ‘frenemies’

By all accounts, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went farther in his criticism of the Naveen Patnaik government at the two back to back public meetings in Talcher and Jharsuguda on Saturday than he has done...

Op-Ed: Politics Enters ‘No-fly’ Zone

It’s official now. Chilika Lake is not in the ‘no fly zone’ list of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) – at least not yet. On its part, the Chilika Development Authority (CDA), the...

Op-Ed: Bid to brush Dama’s charges under the carpet would be disastrous for BJD

For well over a week now, the state has been riveted on the unseemly round of charges and counter charges between expelled BJD leader Dr. Damodar Rout and his former party. While this was entirely...

Op-Ed: Naveen’s leadership qualities are untested

Naveen Patnaik has certainly redefined politics in Odisha. When he entered the scene in April, 1997, he was like a breath of fresh air in the filthy, stinking cesspool that Odisha politics had been reduced...

Op-Ed: 4-1 Score Flattering to England

When India were reduced to 2/3 chasing an improbable 464 for an unlikely win on Monday, with run machine Virat Kohli having nicked the first ball he faced in his last innings of the series...

Op-Ed: What Is Dama Rout Upto?

The decks have been cleared. With senior BJD leader Dr. Damodar Rout himself publicly saying today that he is no more with the BJD, it is only a matter of time before he finds himself...

Op-Ed: Whose Bandh Is It Anyway?

The problem with bandhs, no matter which party organizes them, is that once the genie is out of the bottle, there is no way it can be put back. The party leadership may lay down...

Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.