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Sandeep Sahu

Sandeep Sahu


Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.


Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.


Posts by Sandeep Sahu

Arindam Das
Adieu Arindam! Odisha Will Miss You !!

In my three and a half decades in journalism, I cannot remember one occasion when the death of a reporter of a TV channel has become the subject of wall-to-wall coverage, to the exclusion of...

Bhubaneswar Drain Mishap
Life Is Cheap In India, Cheaper In Odisha

A ‘magnanimous’ state government has sought to silence the disquiet over the unfortunate death of Jyoti Prakash Behera, a Class X student who fell into an open drain and was swept away to death on...

Fake News By Web Channels In Odisha
Fake News Menace: Media Must Self-Regulate To Keep Black Sheep Out

The irony could not have been starker. Web portals/channels in the business of dispensing news have, of late, themselves become news; and for all the wrong reasons!! In the last few months, there have been...

Crime Branch probe into Odisha ACF death doesn’t inspire confidence
Crime Branch Probe Into ACF Death Doesn’t Inspire Confidence

The chronology of events since the death of Odisha ACF Soumya Ranjan on July 13 suggests that this is yet another case that is headed towards a dead end.

Odisha shows the way in hockey
Odisha Shows The Way In Hockey

And after winning the rights to host the Hockey World Cup for the second time running in 2023, the first time any state has got the right to host the event twice in succession, Odisha...

Odisha School Reopening On July 26
Odisha School Reopening: The Gamble Had To Be Taken

There is little doubt that Odisha government has taken a huge gamble by deciding to reopen schools, even if only for Class X and XII students, at a time when the second wave of the...

Fudging Covid Toll Doesn’t Help Anyone, Least Of All Odisha Govt !

One does not have to be a grave-digger to know that the current official death toll in Odisha is a gross understatement and the actual number of deaths is several times higher.

CBSE Board Exams 2021
CBSE, ICSE Exams Scrapped: A ‘Lose-Lose’ Situation For All

In the circumstances, cancelling the Class XII board exams was the only course available to the CBSE. CISCE immediately followed suit. And the Council of Higher Secondary Examination (CHSE) is likely to do the same...

Cyclone Yaas in Odisha amid Covid-19 pandemic
For Covid-hit Odisha, ‘Cyclone Yaas’ Couldn’t Have Come At A Worse Time

Move over Covid-19; Cyclone ‘Yaas’ is here! With the ‘very severe cyclonic storm’ in the Bay of Bengal all set to wreak havoc on the northern coast, Corona has expectedly taken a backseat in the...

Lockdown Odisha due to Covid-19
Extension Of Pan Odisha Lockdown Now Looks Inevitable

Going by the experts' logic, there is little doubt that the daily positive count would have been much lower than it is if the restrictions imposed during the lockdown in Odisha had been observed in...

Naveen Patnaik Mamata Banerjee
If Didi Was A Tough Nut To Crack For BJP, Naveen Is Even Tougher

True to form, the Odisha unit of the BJP has latched on to the shock loss of Mamata Banerjee in Nandigram to gloat over the election results in neighbouring West…

Lockdown 2021: Last Chance For Odisha Citizens To Mend Their Ways

This is the best that the Odisha government could have come up with. As this columnist had said three days ago, a prolonged lockdown had become inevitable given the rapidly…

Odisha Lockdown
Can Lockdown Be Kept At Bay In Odisha?

No one wants it. Not the Centre, not the state and certainly not the public. But the way the Covid graph has skyrocketed over the last four weeks, the state…

Adieu, Storyteller Extraordinaire! Tribute To Jewel Manoj Das

Though I had read a few stories written by Manoj Das as part of the curriculum in high school, my lifelong affair with the legendary storyteller started in right earnest…

Focusing Only On Helmetless Driving Won’t Check Road Fatalities

My good friend Chitta Ranjan recently landed in hospital and had a steel rod inserted into his left leg. Doctors treating him say he may never be able to drive…

How Exactly Does Night Curfew Help?

The weekend shutdown is back; across the state and in a far more stringent avatar this time. One could get practically everything one needed – grocery, vegetables, non-veg items, milk, bread…

students caste income certificate
Scrapping +10 Exams Was The Only Viable Option

The misgivings are understandable. For one thing, there is no clarity yet on how exactly the six lakh odd Class X students, all set to sit for their annual Board…

Opinion: Some Things Will Not Be The Same Again
Opinion: Some Things Will Not Be The Same Again

By Sandeep Sahu As the year 2020 draws to a close, the long shadow of Corona that engulfed the better part of the year is finally showing some signs of receding – though the Covid...

Opinion: A Retrograde Decision
Opinion: A Retrograde Decision

By Sandeep Sahu At a surface level, the decision to earmark a certain percentage of engineering and medical seats for students of government schools is unexceptionable. Students who have the misfortune of studying in government...

Arun Bothra
Opinion: SIT Version On Nayagarh Minor Girl Murder Leaves Several Questions Unanswered

By Sandeep Sahu On the face of it, there is little reason to doubt the veracity of the SIT narrative on what exactly happened to Nayagarh minor girl and how on that fateful day of...

Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.