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Sandeep Sahu

Sandeep Sahu

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Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.


Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.


Posts by Sandeep Sahu

Column: The Questions We Odias Should Be Asking Ourselves

By Sandeep Sahu [My sincere apologies at the very outset. The time for this particular piece was yesterday, which was the 84th Utkala Dibasa (the day Odisha was born as India’s first linguistic state back...

Column: Fault-finding can wait for a more opportune time
Column: Fault-finding can wait for a more opportune time

By Sandeep Sahu As if the unprecedented, 21-day nationwide ‘lockdown’ wasn’t bad enough, we now have a monumental human tragedy on our hands. As a billion plus people remain in forced confinement in the safety...

Column: Human Rights In Corona-induced ‘Suspended Animation’!

By Sandeep Sahu A youth is asked to do sit-ups – and asked to keep counting as he does so. At another end of the state, two youths and their bikes are caned by lath-wielding...

Coronavirus Oubreak
Column: Corona Has Scored Many Firsts!

By Sandeep Sahu By now, everyone must have realized that this is unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime. And in keeping with the unprecedented nature of crisis precipitated by the rampaging nCorona virus,...

Column: Two Sides of ‘Janata’ Curfew
Column: Two Sides of ‘Janata’ Curfew

By Sandeep Sahu These are extraordinary times. There is hardly a soul in the whole world that has not been impacted by the deadly nCorona virus, which had its origins in China, spreading its tentacles...

Subroto Bagchi
Column: Odisha Needs More Like Him

By Sandeep Sahu I must confess I was completely floored. I was watching it live as Subroto Bagchi, the chief Odisha government pointsperson for COVID-19, began his daily press briefing this afternoon. I was struck...

Column: Cashing In On People’s Misery

By Sandeep Sahu For others, a disaster is something to dread. But for them, it is an opportunity of a lifetime to make a fast buck by cashing in on the people’s fear, misery and...

Column: Fight Against COVID-19 Caught Between Complacency and Panic

By Sandeep Sahu It’s already a scary situation, the kind that people have perhaps not seen in their lifetime. No large family, social or religious gatherings, no seminars or workshops, no schools or colleges, no...

Column: Playing Around With The Lord’s Money

By Sandeep Sahu The corona virus scare could not have come at a more convenient time for the ruling dispensation. It provided the government the excuse it was looking for to adjourn the ongoing budget...

Column: Living Off The Lord

By Sandeep Sahu It may sound blasphemous. But the unpalatable truth, shorn of any sugar-coating, is that Lord Jagannath, the presiding deity of Odisha, has become nothing more than a money-spinning venture for our powers...

Column: The Limits of Media Freedom

For those unfamiliar with the incident, here is a brief outline. A young lady is fined by traffic police for helmet-less driving. In next to no time, hordes of TV camera crews, quick to sense...

Govt Must Not Relent On Implementation of New MVA

By Sandeep Sahu The man looked mighty agitated. “By all means, impose means for all other traffic violations: registration, insurance, pollution and everything else. But for heaven’s sake, spare those lacking driving licenses (DLs)? How...

Column: ASI Must Now Go The Whole Hog

By Sandeep Sahu Thank God good sense has finally prevailed! After stubbornly resisting all suggestions by experts for years, the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) has finally relented and agreed to remove the sand from...

Column: The unenviable dilemma of the moderator

By Sandeep Sahu Moderating a session as part of a seminar/workshop/discussion can be a thankless job, more so when you are not an expert on the topic being discussed, but a member of the ‘jack...

Column: Ten Takeaways from Delhi Election Results

By Sandeep Sahu The Delhi voter has spoken – loud and clear. And the message that he has delivered has ramifications that go well beyond the boundaries of the National Capital Region (NCR). Here is...

Column: Electrocution Deaths Are Cold-Blooded Killing!

By Sandeep Sahu The all-too-familiar charade has started. It is sickening to watch the blame game by all responsible agencies after 10 persons travelling in a bus were electrocuted at Golanthara in Ganjam district on...

Column: English From Class I- Cosmetic Changes Will Not Do

By Sandeep Sahu At a time when the rest of the world is moving towards primary education in mother tongue, the Odisha government’s decision to introduce spoken English from Class I defies logic and betrays...

Column: Human Rights Is Not Absolute

By Sandeep Sahu The impending hanging of the four convicts in the Nirbhaya case has got the human rights lobby back in business. Calls for sparing the four convicts the death sentence, though muted at...

Column: Do Rape-Murder Convicts On Death Row Deserve Any ‘Mercy’?

By Sandeep Sahu It’s not over yet. Before we exult that “Justice has finally been done to Nirbhaya’, let us not forget that the four beasts who brutalized the 22-year old paramedic on a cold...

Column: Gender Equality: We Need Equitable Division Of Labour, Not Cooking Work

By Sandeep Sahu My late mother, I am sure, would have certainly balked at the proposition. She would have been positively horrified at Twin City Commissioner of Police (CP) Sudhansu Sarangi’s exhortation to young women...

Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.