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Sandeep Sahu

Sandeep Sahu

Guest Editor

Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.


Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.


Posts by Sandeep Sahu

Op-Ed: Time for tough call on Kashmir

How many times have we heard these words – or variations of them – after a major terror strike in the Valley in the last three decades? “I strongly condemn this dastardly attack. The sacrifices...

Op-Ed: Naveen Govt Can Reject KISAN At its Own Peril

It’s a classic case of cutting the nose to spite the face. With its lukewarm response to the Centre’s missive asking for the list of small and marginal farmers in the state for their inclusion...

Op-Ed: Dr. Pujahari’s resignation: No Winners In This Game

The resignation of Dr. Ashwini Pujahari, Director of Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR), Burla has brought to an end the long-running impasse in this premier government medical institution in western...

Op-Ed: The key to any meaningful change is ‘intent’

Arvind Kejriwal hit the nail on the head on Thursday when he said there is no opposition in Odisha. There is a ruling party and two real or potential allies who have monopolized the entire...

Op-Ed: Notice War is Part of BJP-BJD ‘Shadow-boxing’

Till the time this piece was being written, there was no official word from the CBI that BJD MLAs Arun Sahu and Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak have indeed been served notices in connection with the chit...

Op-Ed: Work for the party, make merry at govt expense!

Already blurred for quite a while now, the lines between the government and the ruling party are vanishing fast as election day nears. In the latest example of how government funds are being brazenly used...

Op-Ed: Fire and brimstone amounting to nothing!

What next for Srikant Jena? Of the two other major parties in Odisha, the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) is unlikely to open its doors for the man who has just been shown the door by...

Op-Ed: Blame It On The People!

The season of fence-sitting is over. And the season of fence-jumping is on us in right earnest. Naba Das, the Jharsuguda strongman, was the first off the blocks and set the ball rolling by deserting...

Op-Ed: How to Plant Trees on Thin Air!

“Over 1000 trees felled PM Modi’s helipad in Odisha.” “Hundreds of trees felled to make space for PM’s helipad.” “Irreparable loss: 1000 trees cut in Odisha to build a helipad for PM Modi’s arrival.” The...

Op-Ed: Modi govt losing perception battle

The Narendra Modi government may like to believe that the resignation of Alok Verma brings ‘closure’ to the unsavoury saga in the CBI stretching over several months. But is it really a closure? I am...

Op-Ed: ‘Equi-distance’ actually means ‘equi-proximity’!

There is no doubt that the ‘equi-distance’ jumla has served the interests of the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) very well over the last few years. On the one hand, it has helped the ruling party...

Op-Ed: Stop the Comparisons; Just Savour the Moment for Now

Let us not allow ourselves to be distracted by the needless – and ill-timed – debate over whether this was ‘bigger than 1983’ or whether Virat is ‘greater’ than Sachin. Those debates can wait for...

girl rape
Op-Ed: No one killed Bebina!

Poor Pradeep Maharathy! In a travesty of the criminal jurisprudence system, the ‘former’ Agriculture minister of Odisha has just earned the dubious distinction as the only member of the Odisha cabinet to be punished twice...

Op-Ed: 'Naveen in Odisha, Modi in Delhi' is the BJP’s new mantra

It’s now ‘official’! BJP has thrown in the towel even before the bout has begun in right earnest in Odisha. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rather tame address at Baripada today left no room for any...

Op-Ed: The Constitution must prevail at all times, on all issues

The difficult part was accomplished without much difficulty. But it’s such a shame that having done the seemingly unthinkable by actually entering the Lord Ayappa temple in Sabarimala in the wee hours of Wednesday, Bindu...

Op-Ed: Maximum Government, Minimum Governance!

It’s ‘1984’ all over again! In issuing the notification authorizing 10 central agencies to snoop and decrypt any ANY information ‘generated, transmitted, received or stored’ on a computer, the Modi government has taken India closer...

Op-Ed: NITI Aayog is right: Farm loan waiver is indeed a ‘palliative’

It is competitive populism at its worst. After the newly elected Congress governments in the heartland states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh announced waiver of farm loans, every political party is now jumping on...

Op-Ed: Unfair to judge Das even before he has settled down

The appointment of Odisha born retired Tamil Nadu cadre IAS officer Shaktikanta Das as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor a day after the sudden and unexpected resignation of Urjit Patel, who still had...

Op-Ed: We Odias should be proud, not ashamed, that we are tolerant

Let us put the state government aside for a moment and stop doing a post-mortem of what it did or didn’t do, whether it did right or wrong, what it could have and couldn’t have...

Op-Ed: Learning from the great rival

There are many reasons why Naveen Patnaik remains head and shoulders over all other politicians in Odisha, faces little threat of anti-incumbency as he braces for his fifth successive term as Chief Minister and has...

Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.