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Sandeep Sahu

Sandeep Sahu

Guest Editor

Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.


Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.


Posts by Sandeep Sahu

Op-Ed: To My Teachers, With Love

Writing in ThePrint today, senior journalist Shivam Vij has listed no less than five reasons why Teachers’ Day should be ‘abolished’. All the five reasons cited by Vij – deification of teachers, poor teaching quality,...

Op-Ed: Powerless Before Power Lines

Whoever discovered electricity couldn’t have imagined that the transmission line to carry power to those who need it could someday cause death, both of humans and animals. Most humans at least know about the dangers...

Op-Ed: Magnanimous Govt and Compromised Media

Call it by any other name. But it will, in essence, remain ‘paid news’. There is no other way to interpret the unprecedented decision of the Naveen Patnaik government to empanel six TV channels to...

7th pay commission latest news pay hike announced
Op-Ed: Why I Would Not Trust ‘Swaminomics’ Anymore

Days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetization of currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1, 000 denomination, I remember reading ‘Swaminomics’, Swaminathan S Ankleasria Aiyar’s weekly column in The Sunday Times of India,...

Op-Ed: The tragedy of being Advani

A picture, they say, tells a thousand words. Just look at the picture above for proof. It is sad to see Lal Krishna Advani, the man who played a key role in the BJP’s transformation...

Op-Ed: Is It Time to Revisit The Ban on Marijuana?

Talk of marijuana/cannabis/pot/grass – better known as ganja in India – and the image that most people conjure up is one of a group of rickshaw pullers puffing away merrily on their chillums by the...

Op-Ed: In Praise of Sanskrit, India’s ‘Adi Bhasha’

Going strictly by numbers, it isn’t exactly the kind of function that sets the city on fire. Nor are the arrangements of the kind that is standard fare in most other functions. Barely 30-40 people...

Op-Ed: In death, Vajpayee may have done for BJP what he couldn’t while alive

In his death, Atal Bihari Vajpayee may have provided the BJP just the shot in the arm it needed ahead of the 2019 elections. While he was alive and ailing, very few in the party...

Op-Ed: ‘Teaching A Lesson’ To The Teachers

Now that the High Court has struck down the October 22, 2017 notification issued by the state government insisting on an affidavit to be furnished by the agitating teachers before they become eligible for revised...

Op-Ed: Kashipur to Jharigaon: Precious little has changed

It all sounds so eerily familiar. Three members of a tribal family die in a span of 18 hours after consuming a gruel made of fermented mango kernel in Mainapadar village in Jharigaon block of...

Op-Ed: Adieu Kali Babu! They don't make people like you anymore

He sounded very concerned during his last call. May be he had a premonition of the inevitable. He talked at length about the multiple organisations he had set up and wanted me to find him...

Op-Ed: Vajpayee: A Colossus Among Pygmies

It has been a long-standing Indian tradition not to speak ill of the dead, no matter how unsavoury some of the deeds of the person in his lifetime were. So, let us discount all that...

Op-Ed: Sea aerodrome in Chilka: Shelve the Idea Now

Trust the Modi government to come up with one crazy idea after another. As if the ambitious – but foolish – decision to go for a bullet train, costing upwards of Rs. One lakh crore,...

Op-Ed: ‘Equi-distance’ Jumla Buried For Good

So, the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) voted for Harivansh Narayan Singh of the JD (U) in the election for Deputy Chairperson of Rajya Sabha because the two parties had a common parentage: the Jayprakash Narayan...

Op-Ed: Time For Odisha Police To Get Its Act Together

We had all hoped against hope that Abdul Rahman, who was arrested by Delhi Police in December, 2015 for his alleged links with Al Qaeda, was the last we would hear about terror’s connections in...

Op-Ed: Dear TV Channels, Your Twin City Bias Is Showing!

Last week, the appointment of senior IPS officer Satyajit Mohanty as the Commissioner of Twin City police replacing YB Khurania made big news in the local media. As soon as the announcement was officially made,...

Op-Ed: Well done Ishy!

My perennial complaint against Ishant Sharma has been that he has never really been a match winning bowler; one who can take wickets in a heap like, say, a Bhuvneshwar Kumar or a Mohammed Shami....

Weekend Shutdown In Odisha: Ration Distribution Under PDS Exempted
Op-Ed: How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

It simply doesn’t add up. On February 19 this year, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik boasted before a delegation of representatives from various UN agencies that Odisha had brought a whopping eight million people above poverty...

kanwariyas taking a selfie
Op-Ed: The Magic of The ‘Bol Bom’ Battlecry

As I watched the kaawariyas file past on National Highway No. 5 (now NH 16), dragging their feet along and occasionally letting out a muffled cry of ‘Bol Bom’, year after year, I often wondered...

Op-Ed: A Little World Torn Asunder

Laxmidhar is distraught. The man from Tigiria, who looks after his family of five with the paan-cum-tea shop he runs below the under-construction Lingaraj Vihar flyover in Bhubaneswar, is about to be squeezed out of...

Sandeep Sahu is a senior Bhubaneswar based journalist with over 35 years of work behind him. He has worked for a host of top local, national and international media houses.