Sandeep Sahu

Dear Kunduli Girl,

Why did you do it? Why did you cook up the utterly baseless, mischievous and malicious story about your gang rape? Why did you try to malign our security forces, who are fighting the dreaded Maoists braving the hostile terrain, enduring immense hardships and risking their lives and limbs so that you and your people live peacefully? Didn’t you hear of our brave jawans carrying pregnant women in dire need of medical attention to the hospital? How could you charge them with something as heinous and preposterous as gang rape? You persisted with your allegation even after the BSF and the Koraput SP made it abundantly clear that there was no troop movement in the area where you claimed you were raped.

As if that was not bad enough, you even sought to malign our benign police force led by a Home minister who has, in his 18 years in the post, NEVER allowed the law to veer off its course even once. You didn’t even spare a Chief Minister for whom ‘Maa ku Samman’ (respect to women) is an article of faith. You first sought to tarnish the reputation of the local police by falsely accusing them of trying to coerce you into changing your statement while still under treatment at the Shaheed Laxman Naik Medical College and Hospital (SLNMCH) at Koraput. While there, you conspired with some local media persons to send out a video repeating your utterly baseless charges in the fond hope that at least some of the mud you threw would stick on the khaki uniform of our policemen, who had done everything they could to help you. When that didn’t work, you targeted the DGP, no less, of trying to bribe you into signing on a blank paper. You even tried to fake a suicide bid by taking an overdose of iron tablets in a desperate effort to prove your utterly baseless charges.

But what you said about our men in khaki pales into insignificance before what you did to tarnish the image of our highly popular Chief Minister, who has left no stone unturned to ensure justice to women who have been raped or murdered after being raped, and sought to stain his spotless white kurta with filth by entering into an unholy nexus with the Opposition – first conspiring with the Congress and then the BJP. Didn’t the Chief Minister promptly order a probe by the Crime Branch, the agency that has such a sterling record in solving in rape and murder cases e.g. Bebina, Itishree and many others, and then follow it up with a judicial inquiry by the district judge? What more did you expect him to do? In the end, when you found that none of your charges was sticking, you took the extreme step committed suicide just to lend some credibility to your preposterous charges. And when? The very fact that you chose the day the Chief Minister was making a triumphant return from Pune after being conferred with the Ideal Chief Minister Award proves that you were hand in gloves with the Opposition. If you had to commit suicide, couldn’t you have chosen another day for it? Why did you play spoilsport and put paid to the elaborate preparations the ruling party had made to welcome the Chief Minister?

Even after committing suicide, you didn’t stop at your nefarious attempt to malign the government whose heart beats for women 24X7X365. You sent your spirit into the premises of the State Forensic Science Laboratory (SFSL) and made it write about the presence of semen of two different men on your undergarments in the inter-divisional report prepared by the agency. As if that was not enough, you even made this concocted report available to OTV to persist with the brazen lie about your gang rape. Mercifully, the report of the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) at Kolkata, which is clearly protected against spirits entering its premises, has now nailed the lie that you sought to perpetuate even after your death.

If you could do all this at the age of 14, one shudders to think about the damage you could have done to the credibility of our ever reliable police, our immensely popular Chief Minister and the reputation of our state if you had lived much longer. It is in fact good that you have died and thus rendered incapable of doing any major damage to the state!

Now that you are dead and it has been ‘conclusively’ proved that you were never raped, everyone – the state police, the state government and the people at large – can breathe easy, secure in the knowledge that you will not be in a position to do any further damage to any of us! We can all get on with our life like yore and forget the whole affair as a nightmare. But don’t think you can Rest in Peace after doing so much damage to all of us. Your soul would never get moksha (salvation) for what you have done. And that is just desserts for someone so evil!



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