US prosecutors charge four more Pak-based LeT men over 26/11

Chicago: One `Major Iqbal`, believed to be a Pakistan Army officer, is among four more Pakistani conspirators charged by US prosecutors with carrying out the 2008 Mumbai terror attack at the behest of Lashkar-e-Taiba.

In a second superseding indictment filed by the federal prosecutors before a court here yesterday, the other three were identified as Sajid Mir, Mazhar Iqbal and Abu Qahafa.

Besides, the indictment mentioned an unnamed individual "Lashkar Member D." All are residents of Pakistan.

`Major Iqbal`, who has been named by the US prosecutors, is believed to be a Pakistan Army officer. A dossier India handed over to Pakistan in February, 2010 had named two Pakistan Army officers — `Major Iqbal` and `Major Samir Ali` — for their suspected involvement in the Mumbai attacks.

The dossier was handed over during the Indo-Pak Foreign Secretary-level talks on February 25, 2010 in New Delhi.

It is believed that the role of `Major Iqbal` emerged in the interrogation by the FBI of US terror suspect David Headley, arrested in Chicago in October, 2009 in connection with the Mumbai attack.

The four men identified were previously mentioned but not named in the indictments that charged Pakistani-American David Coleman Headley and Pakistani-Canadian Tahawwur Rana in connection with the Mumbai attacks which killed 166 people, including six Americans.

Sajid Mir was associated with LeT and supervised others linked with the outfit. He served as a "handler" for Headley, who has confessed to his involvement in Mumbai attacks, and others who were directed to carry out actions relating to planning, preparing for and carrying out the terrorist strikes on behalf of LeT.

While Abu Qahafa was an associate with LeT who trained others in combat techniques for use in terrorist attacks; Mazhar Iqbal and `Lashkar Member D` were LeT commanders.

An individual known as `Major Iqbal` participated in planning and funding attacks carried out by LeT in Mumbai, federal prosecutors said. It is said

According to the indictment, Sajid Mir, Abu Qahafa and Mazhar Iqbal conspired with each other, Headley, `Lashkar Member D` and others known and unknown to the grand jury, to deliver, place, discharge and detonate explosives and other lethal devices in, into and against places of public use, state and government facilities, public transportation systems and infrastructure facilities in India.

They acted with the intent to cause death and serious bodily injury, and with the intent to cause extensive destruction of such places and facilities and where such destruction would likely result in major economic loss.

The indictment noted that the David Headley was a national of the United States, from where he was arrested.

The court documents showed that in February 2009, one Abdur Rehman Hashmim Syed took Headley to meet LeT terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri in Waziristan region of Pakistan.

During the meeting, Kashmiri indicated that he had reviewed Copenhagen videotapes made by Headley and suggested that they consider using a truck bomb to attack a Danish newspaper for publishing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad.

Kashmiri also indicated that he could provide manpower for the operation and that the participation of Lashkar was not necessary.

Headley, the federal prosecutors, said was associated with LeT and attended its training camps in Pakistan which began in or around February 2002, August 2002, April 2003, August 2003 and December 2003. he assisted senior LeT men in planning and preparing for terrorist attacks.