Moroccan expelled for threatening to blow up Rome

Rome: Italian authorities have deported a Moroccan terror suspect who allegedly intended to ‘blow up Rome’ to avenge Western countries’ action against the Islamic State (IS) group.

Bamaarouf Adil, 37, was deported on Tuesday from Malpensa airport near Milan on the orders of Italy’s Interior Minister Angelino Alfano.

Adil was earlier arrested at his flat in Monselice and unspecified electronic data as part of “efforts to combat radical Islamism” was seized by police.

Surveillance of Adil showed he had expressed the intention to avenge the Arab world against Western nations by “blowing up Rome” and re-founding the city as “the cradle of Islam”, investigators said.

Adil had also intended to travel to Turkey and cross into Syria and Iraq to join “mujahadeen” fighters there, according to investigators.

He has also described himself as “oppressed and offended by Christian and Jewish initiatives against his religion”, said the investigators.

Adil had earlier been shunned by his local Islamic cultural association due to his radical, anti-Western views.