Karmapa not our spy: China

Beijing: China on Monday denied that Karmapa, the head of the Tibetan Karma Kagyu sect, was its spy, and claimed that allegations against the country in this regard showed India`s "mistrustful attitude" towards Beijing.

"The speculation by India`s media, regarding the matter of the Karmapa as a Chinese agent or spy, shows that India is keeping its mistrustful attitude toward China," said Xu Zhitao, an official at the United Front Work Department of the ruling Communist Party Central Committee.

In the first reaction to reports of raids on the offices of a trust backed by Karmapa in the Indian press, the official said, "the 17th Karmapa Living Buddha (Monks in Tibet are called living Buddhas) is the first reincarnated Living Buddha confirmed and approved by the Central Government of the People`s Republic of China after the peaceful liberation of Tibet in 1951."

"The reincarnation of holy men is a unique form of succession in Tibetan Buddhism, which has long been recognised and respected," Xu told state-run newspaper today.

Karmapa, heading the Karmapa sect, is informally ranked number 3 in Tibetan Buddhist spiritual religious milieu.

He is endorsed by both the Dalai Lama, the highest spiritual head as well as by the Chinese government.

Where as Panchen Lama ranked second was appointed by China and but was not backed by Dalai Lama, the highest Tibetan spiritual leader denounced by China. "

Karmapa left China in 1999 for the purpose of religious behaviours, just as he claimed," Xu said, apparently referring to the explanation provided by Karmapa`s advisor, Karma Topden in Dharmashala yesterday that one reason why the monk went to India was to complete spiritual learning process as all top teachers of his sect were based in India.

Xu, however, made no mention of Karmapa`s assertions the main reason why Karmapa fled to India was to escape from the pressure exhorted by the Chinese authorities on him to denounce Dalai Lama and support the Panchen Lama selected by the Chinese authorities.

Karmapa whose original name is Ugyen Trinley Dorjee said one reason why he went to India was to seek the blessings of Dalai Lama, who is denounced by China.

The newspaper news report also cited reports in the Indian media about protests by Karmapa supporters denying the allegations.

"This is not the first time that India`s media has linked `spies` with China. Earlier this month, three Chinese citizens were arrested in India on suspicion of money laundering and spying on border security. But the Chinese foreign ministry said they were actually tourists who had mistakenly crossed the border from Nepal," it said.