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Ind-Americans to serve on US N-trade committee

Washington: Two Indian-Americans – Ganpat Mani and Vijay Sazawal – were appointed on Monday by US secretary of commerce Gary Locke to serve on the Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee for two years.

Mani and Sazawal along with 28 others will make recommendations to the Secretary of Commerce concerning trade policy development, improving the competitiveness of US industry and its ability to compete for international contracts for civil nuclear products and services.

The 30-member committee will also identify priority markets for US civil nuclear products and services in the short- and long-terms.

"Civil nuclear energy has a crucial role to play in powering the global economy while addressing concerns over energy security and climate change," said Locke.

"US civil nuclear technology and services are world-class, and our industry is well-placed to work with countries around the globe interested in developing peaceful nuclear power programs," he said.

Mani, originally from Tamil Nadu, is president of the Denver, Colarado-based ConverDyn, which is a joint venture between affiliates of Honeywell International, and General Atomics. It manages the international marketing of UF6 conversion and related services from Honeywell`s Metropolis, Illinois facility.

Mani`s 37 year career that began with Allied Chemical, a predecessor of Honeywell, has spanned a range of senior business and technical management positions handling a variety of chemical and mineral products used in electric power generation and a multitude of other industries.

Prior to his current position, he was with the Australia-based uranium mining company Paladin Energy Ltd and provided marketing support for strategic growth initiatives in India, Japan and the USA.

Earlier, he was the principal of Ganman Consulting LLC whose clients included an array of international nuclear and non-nuclear companies with operations in Africa, the Americas, Australia, Europe and South Asia.

Active in the industry trade organisations, Mani was elected to Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Board of Directors in 2009.

He received his bachelor`s degree in metallurgical engineering in 1971 from Loughborough University in England and his MBA in 1973 from Rutgers University, New Jersey.

Srinagar-born Sazawal, 64, who is currently the Director of Government Programs of USEC Inc, was involved in Track-2 discussions preceding the completion of the 123 Agreement between India and the United States.

"When the US and India, during the Bush administration, began to negotiate a civil nuclear agreement, my input and advice was sought by the US State Department and the Department of Energy, and I was actually involved briefly in "Track-2" discussions preceding the completion of the 123 Agreement with India," Sazawal said after the appointment.

"I have since participated in promotion of US nuclear export trade and given technical lectures to the legal community advising companies on nuclear export controls. Therefore, this appointment is a logical culmination of my efforts in the last few years to help US exports in civil nuclear trade to India and other major markets in the world," Sazawal said.

For over three decades Sazawal has participated in the US civilian and defence nuclear programmes covering the entire nuclear fuel cycle, and an array of reactor designs that have included conventional and space based reactors, and black programs.

"This appointment is a logical culmination of my efforts in the last few years to help US exports in civil < trade to India and other major markets in the world," Sazawal said.

Sazawal was born and raised in Srinagar, and came to the US in 1970 for doing PhD.

He graduated from the Tyndale Biscoe Memorial High School and the Amar Singh College, and completed his post-graduate engineering studies in the US.

As director of programs funded or supported by the US federal government, Sazawal provides corporate programme oversight and coordination of various government projects within the company.

He analyses the impact of federal budgets, policies and regulations on various USEC activities, and interfaces with federal officials and with members of the US Congress, as necessary.

He is a member of the management team involved in the American Centrifuge Project (ACP), the leading initiative by USEC Inc to build a state-of-the-art centrifuge nuclear enrichment plant based on American technology.

Sazawal holds a Bachelor`s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Banaras Hindu University (India), M Tech in Materials Engineering from the M A College of Technology, Bhopal (India), and PhD in Structural Mechanics from the Michigan Technological University.

He is a member of the Sigma Xi, the American Academy of Mechanics, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the American Nuclear Society.

He has authored nine published technical papers and articles.

US department of commerce estimates that the global market for civil nuclear technology will be USD 500 billion over the next 10 years.

"This growing industry offers the United States opportunities to create new jobs both at home and abroad," it said.

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