38 killed across Egypt as ‘Friday of Rage’ turns violent

Cairo: At least 38 people were killed in Egypt today in fresh clashes between security forces and ousted President Mohamed Morsi's supporters, who took to the streets after Friday prayers to protest the killing of over 600 in a crackdown by the military-backed government.
Defying Interior Ministry's warning that police would use live ammunition against anyone threatening public buildings, thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters thronged streets and clashed with security forces in the capital Cairo, Ismailiya, Damietta, Alexandria and elsewhere.
At least 38 people were killed in the clashes, BBC quoted health and security sources as saying. Thirteen people died in Cairo while 12 deaths were reported in Nile Delta cities and 13 in the rest of Egypt.
Officially the death toll was put at 17, but Muslim Brotherhood claimed 25 of its supporters were killed in police firing during the protests that it dubbed as "Friday of Rage".
The army deployed dozens of armoured vehicles around Cairo and blocked all roads leading to Rabia al-Adawiya, where hundreds were killed in police firing on Wednesday. Barbed wire blocked all entrances to Tahrir Square, the scene of anti-regime protests during the January 2011 revolution.
The protesters demanded an end to military-backed government and reinstatement of 62-year-old Morsi, who was ousted by the army on July 3 after countrywide protests.