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Artificial Intelligence
US bans AI-generated robocalls to protect consumers from scams

The unanimous judgment on Thursday recognises the calls made with AI-generated voices as "artificial" under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, according to FCC.

Bard to Gemini
Google renames AI chatbot Bard to Gemini, offering paid services - know here

Google enhances AI capabilities with Gemini chatbot, offering personalised tutoring and improved conversation understanding. Available on mobile devices for convenient assistance.

Deepfakes: European Union prepares 1st guidelines for digital platforms ahead of election

The draft guidelines include recommendations to avoid “democratic risks from generative AI and deepfakes”, along with content moderation and political ads transparency.

  • Friday, 09 February 2024
WhatsApp New Features
WhatsApp's 3 hidden must-know features: Numbered lists, bullet points, text highlighting

WhatsApp introduces new features like numbered lists, bullet points, and text highlighting, enhancing user experience and communication options on the platform.

Apple foldable smartphones
Apple quietly developing foldable iPhones and iPads; know details

Apple is reportedly developing two foldable iPhones and a folding iPad. Challenges include durability concerns and minimizing device thickness. Analysts predict future foldable offerings.

UPI payments
Make UPI payments without internet connection, know here

Advancements in tech lead to networking challenges during payments. NPCI's '*99#' service offers offline transactions up to Rs. 5000, addressing internet downtime.

  • Tuesday, 06 February 2024
  • How To
Halo Headband
AI 'Halo Headband' tools allow you to control your dreams; know here

Propheticai's Halo headband, blending ultrasound and AI, induces lucid dreams. Priced at Rs. 1,66,104, it seeks volunteers, redefining consciousness exploration in dreams with innovative neurotech.

Vision Pro
MIT student exposes Vision Pro vulnerability through kernel exploit, know here

Recent MIT student claims kernel exploit in Apple's Vision Pro headset, potentially enabling jailbreaks. Impact limited initially due to device's early adoption. Security concerns raised.

  • Monday, 05 February 2024
  • Apple
Deepfake video conference meeting with fake CFO costs company $25.6 million
Deepfake video conference meeting with fake CFO costs company $25.6 million

A deepfake video conference call where a digitally recreated avatar of the chief financial officer (CFO) ordered money transfers has cost a multinational company $25.6 million in a first-such scam.

HoloTile Floor
'HoloTile Floor' enables seamless omni-directional movement in virtual worlds

Disney Research introduces 'HoloTile Floor,' a multidirectional treadmill in virtual reality, allowing collaborative movement. Early development; potential applications include dance floors and collaborative tasks.

  • Sunday, 04 February 2024
passwordless sign-in
Google's passwordless sign-in progress with Pixel phones; check latest updates

Tech giants like Google enhance user privacy with secure passkeys on Pixel phones. WhatsApp follows suit, ensuring safety from online threats. Google actively promotes passkey adoption.

  • Sunday, 04 February 2024
  • Google
Google Maps
Google Maps transforms with Generative AI-powered recommendations

Google starts the year by upgrading its platform, introducing Bard AI with AI image generation. Maps now employs generative AI for personalized location suggestions, revolutionizing user experiences.

a hybrid AI platform by QX Lab AI
ChatGPT-rival 'Ask QX' launched in India with advanced chatbot capabilities, Odia language support

Ask QX, a hybrid AI platform by QX Lab AI, blends large language models and neural networks, supporting 100+ languages, with multimodal capabilities, launching in India.

Instagram Edit Message
Made a mistake on Instagram? Know how to edit your message in just 15 minutes

Social media platforms like Instagram now allow users to edit messages within 15 minutes. Edited messages are tagged, offering a quick correction option for users.

AI image generation
Google Bard unveils free AI image generation tool with Imagen 2 power at zero cost

Google's Bard AI tool, enhanced with Imagen 2 model, now enables users worldwide to create free, high-quality images by describing concepts. It prioritizes safety and accessibility.