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Twitter Is Working On Facebook-Like Tweet Reactions View
Facebook Expands Affordable, Fast Internet Access In India

In a bid to expand affordable internet access for the public, Facebook India on Tuesday announced new partnerships with internet service providers (ISPs) D-Vois and Netplus.

FB To Show Creators How Much Money They Pay To Apple, Google

As Apple presented its flagship WWDC21 developer conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network will show creators how much money Apple and Google are actually taking from them via their respective app stores.

Facebook Makes Its Best Tool Available For Better Translation

In a bid to help build better translation systems, Facebook has open-sourced FLORES-101, a first-of-its-kind, many-to-many evaluation data set covering 101 languages from all over the world.

Facebook Suspends Donald Trump's Accounts For 2 Years Under New Rules

Facebook suspended the US former President Donald Trump for two years, the maximum penalty under a newly revealed set of rules for suspending public figures, from its former indefinite ban set on January 7, 2021.

Facebook To No Longer Remove Claims That COVID-19 Was Lab Made

Facebook has announced to push down all posts by users who repeatedly share misinformation and fake content across its platforms, as it expands its fact-checking programme to individuals from Pages, Groups, Instagram accounts and domains.

WhatsApp Sues India Over New IT Rules, Says User Privacy Supreme

Taking the privacy war to the court, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has sued the Indian government, saying that user privacy is in its DNA and the company will not share the information related to the "first originator of information" with any government including India.

Will Facebook, Twitter Cease To Operate In India? Facebook Says Its Aiming To Comply

On February 25, the government had announced new IT rules for large social media firms such as Twitter, Facebook and others, asking them to comply with the new regulations. The new IT rules include, appointment of resident grievance officer, plus it has asked major social media intermediaries (with over 50 lakh users) to have a physical contact address in India, monitoring of objectionable content, and monthly compliance report.

Working Hard To Meet Indian IT Rules For Social Media: Facebook

With the deadline to comply with the new IT rules meant for big social media platforms in India ending on Tuesday, Facebook said that the company aims to comply with the provisions of the new intermediary guidelines and is working towards it.

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Twitter, Facebook May Not Be Able To Operate In India From May 26

The deadline to comply with the new legal rules meant for big social media platforms, which were issued by the government three months ago, is ending on Tuesday, threatening the operations of the likes of Twitter in India.

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Row In India; Telegram Vouches For User Privacy

Telegram on Thursday reiterated that unlike many other messaging apps, it is not dependent on a third-party platform to store its user data that leads to an additional layer of security, thus eliminating the possibilities of a back-door access.