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Helicopter Strays Into No-Fly Zone Over Puri Srimandir During Snana Purnima
Helicopter Strays Into No-Fly Zone Over Puri Srimandir During Snana Purnima

Though the entry of the helicopter into the restricted zone raised serious security concerns at the Puri temple, the SP, Puri, Kanwar Vishal Singh said that the chopper belonged to the Indian Coast Guard and there was nothing to worry about.

Snana Purnima Puri
Snana Purnima: The Ceremonial Bathing Ceremony Of The Holy Trinity In Puri

Snana Jatra or the holy bathing ceremony of the sibling deities - Lord Balabhadra, Mahaprabhu Jagannath and Devi Subhadra - is performed at Puri Srimandir every year on Jyeshtha Purnima, i.e., on the full moon day of the month of 'Jyeshtha (May-June). Today, on this pious occasion, the Holy Trinity and Chakradhar Sudarsan took a ceremonial holy bath with 108 pitchers of sacred water and were later adorned in Gajanana Besha. All the rituals were carried out at the Snana Mandap. The Snana Yatra culminates after the Lords are taken to the 'Anasara Ghara' on Pahandi.

Snana Purnima: Ahmedabad Jagannath Rath Yatra Festival Begins With Jalyatra
Snana Purnima: Ahmedabad Jagannath Rath Yatra Festival Begins With Jalyatra

Gujarat deputy chief minister Nitin Patel and the minister of state for home, Pradeepsinh Jadeja on Thursday, performed puja of the Jalyatra, which marks the beginning of preparations for Lord Jagannath's annual Rath Yatra held on every Ashadhi - Bij.

Baladevjew Temple
Snana Yatra: Section 144 Clamped Around Baladevjew Temple 

In a bid to prevent congregation of devotees in and around the Baladevjew temple, the Kendrapara district administration has imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 of CrPC for the smooth conduct of SnanaYatra (divine bathing rituals of the holy trinity) today. 

Snana Jatra in Puri
Snana Purnima: Quarantine Of Lord Jagannath & The Sacred Connection With Lord Srinathji

Lord Jagannath, His brother Lord Balabhadra and sister Devi Subhadra have an elaborate ritual bath on Snana Purnima. The day is also celebrated as Lord Jagannath's birthday. 

Jagannath Snana Yatra In Puri
Puri All Set For Snana Yatra Of Lord Jagannath Tomorrow

Deba Snana Yatra, the grand bathing festival of Lord Jagannath is all set to be held tomorrow at Puri Srimandir. The event marks the prelude before the commencement of the annual Rath Yatra festivities in the holy town.

RathYatra 2021
Rath Yatra 2021: From Snana Purnima Till Niladri Bije, SJTA Releases Full Schedule

The schedule for the holy Rath Yatra celebrations in Puri was released on Sunday by the SJTA. The Chhattisa Nijog held a special meeting on Sunday to finalise the rituals and timings for the Rath Yatra celebrations.

Rath Yatra 2021: Entry Points Of Puri To Be Sealed For Snana Purnima
Rath Yatra 2021: Entry Points Of Puri To Be Sealed For Snana Purnima

Puri will be divided into 7 zones and special arrangements are being made to ensure that the Sevayats are not hassled during the conduct of the Snana Yatra rituals.

Lord Jagannath’s Cartoon Triggers Row In Odisha, FIR Lodged

Puri: Piyush Tripathy, a jatra actor on Tuesday lodged an FIR against a website, Patrika.com, for hurting religious sentiments of the people of Odisha by publishing a cartoon of Lord Jagannath and his siblings. In his complaint filed at Singhadwara Police Station in Puri, Tripathy has alleged that in a published article, the concerned media […]

Rath Yatra 2020: Lord Jagannath Gives Darshan In ‘Hati Besha’ On Snana Purnima

Puri: Ahead of the annual Rath Yatra, Lord Jagannath and his siblings- Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra along with Chakraraj Sudarsan gave darshan to devotees in the mesmerizing ‘Hati Besha’ on the occasion of auspicious Snana Purnima on Friday. It was a grand spectacle for devotees as it is one of the beautiful and the […]

Snana Purnima: When Puri Deities Get Divine Bath

Puri: Since ages, Snana Purnima, a major ritual prelude to the famous Car festival or the Rath Yatra, has been drawing lakhs to devotees to the piligrim town of Puri every year. But this year, the buzz was missing as no devotees were allowed to attend the grand bathing ceremony of Lord Balabhadra, Goddess Subhadra […]

Sans Devotees, Snana Purnima Rituals Of Holy Trinity Underway In Puri

Puri: Millions of people across the globe are now glued to their television sets to witness the royal bathing ceremony of the Holy Trinity of Lord Balabhadra, Goddess Subhadra and Lord Jagannath along with Lord Sudarsan on the occasion of Deba Snana Purnima on Friday. As for the first time in the history, devotees are […]

Snana Purnima
Snana Purnima 2020 LIVE: Holy Trinity Adorns Hati Besha

Puri: Probably for the first time in the history of Puri Srimandir, the Snana Purnima festival of Lord Jagannath, his sibling deities and Chakraraj Sudarshan has begun this year without the usual fanfare and footfall of lakhs of devotees in the ancient town due to nationwide lockdown in wake of Covid-19 pandemic. Snana Purnima which […]

Odisha's 17-Day Stay-Home During June Policy To Contain COVID19 Spread: CM Naveen

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Thursday once again appealed people to remain indoors and follow the lockdown norms to contain the spread of coronavirus. In an address to the people of the State, he said, “Easing of lockdown does not mean that COVID-19 threat is past us… Don’t make that mistake. As I […]

Snana Purnima
Dense Security Blanket In Puri For Deba Snana Purnima Amid Covid Pandemic

Puri: After issuing strict no-movement orders for public in and around area of Puri Srimandir during Snana Purnima ritual of Lord Jagannath, the State police on Thursday informed that a huge blanket of security will cover the pilgrim town during the festival commencing late tonight. Addressing a presser, Central Range DIG, Asish Singh informed that […]

Puri Rath Yatra: Section 144 To Be Imposed Ahead Of Snana Yatra

Puri: In order to prevent movement of public during Snana Yatra, section 144 will be imposed in the pilgrimage city from June 4 till June 6. Puri collector Balwant Singh today informed that the restriction will be clamped from June 4 (10 pm) to the morning of June 6 to contain the spread of COVID-19 […]

‘'Hopeful Lord Jagannath's Rath Yatra Will Be Organised'

Puri: We have tremendous faith on Lord Jagannath that Rath Yatra will be organised, said Badagrahi on Lord Balabhadra, Haldar Das Mohapatra on Thursday. According to Haldar Das Mohapatra, the Holy Trinity will be seated atop their respective chariots which clearly imply that Rath Yatra will be organised as per tradition. COVID-19 social distancing norms […]

Puri Rath Yatra: Ritual Timings Of Snana Purnima Finalised

Puri: The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration ( SJTA ) on Wednesday announced the finalised timings of the rituals to be performed during the Snana Yatra -the ceremonial bathing of the holy Trinity before Rath Yatra. The Snana Purnima of Lord Jagannath, Devi Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra will be held on June 5. After a meeting […]

Rath Yatra: Snana Purnima Likely To Be Held With Minimum Servitors

Puri: As the festival of chariots inches closer, the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) in Puri today held a review meeting with representatives of various Nijogs and other senior officials to discuss on the likelihood of the Snana Purnima on June 5 with minimum number of servitors. Chief administrator of the SJTA, Krishan Kumar informed […]

Notice to Srimandir Servitors, Puri MLA For Violating Rules During Snana Purnima

Puri: The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) issued show cause notice to multiple servitors of Srimandir and Puri MLA Jayanta Sarangi for allegedly violating rules during Snana Purnima rituals on June 16. The SJTA served the notice to eight to ten servitors and the MLA basing on the footages of the CCTV cameras installed near […]

Rath Yatra: Holy Trinity gets 'phuluri' oil treatment in Anasara chamber

Puri: The Holy Trinity of Lord Balabhadra, Jagannath & Devi Subhadra who are battling strong fever after their customary bathing ritual on the Snana Purnima, received a special herbal oil treatment today as part of their recuperation before the period of Rath Yatra, their annual sojourn to Mausi Maa Temple. Presently undergoing treatment under the […]

Devotees flock Alarnath as Anasara period begins in Puri Srimandir

Puri: With the beginning of ‘Anasara’ period from today (15-day-long period during which Holy Trinity stays away from public darshan) after the conclusion of Deba Snana Purnima rituals in Puri Srimandir yesterday, devotees have started thronging Alarnath Temple in Brahmagiri to seek blessings of Lord Alarnath, an avatar of Lord Jagannath. Today on the first […]

Snana Purnima: Holy Trinity bathed in aromatic water

Puri: Marking the beginning of the annual Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra, the Snana Purnima rituals began at Puri Srimandir today amid tight security. Puri Gajapati Dibya Singha Deb performed Chhera Pahanra on Snana Mandap after the Chaturdha Murti were given ceremonial bath. Puri Gajapati Dibya Singha Deb on Snana […]

Rath Yatra: Sevaks express doubt over timely installation of Chari Nahaka

Puri: With just three days before the Snana Purnima ritual of Lord Jagannath in Puri, servitor groups engaged in construction of chariots for the three deities have expressed concerns over initiating the timely installation of the ‘Chari Nahaka’. Snana Purnima is the first major ritual of the month-long Rath Yatra festivities and as per tradition, […]

Rath Yatra: Chaka Dera ritual concludes in Puri

Puri: Just a few weeks before the world famous chariot festival of Lord Jagannath kicks off in Puri, the ‘Chaka Dera’ ritual completed in the pilgrim city on Tuesday. The ‘Chaka Dera Anukula’ or the initiation of chariot wheels ceremony for the upcoming festival began on the concluding day of ‘Bahara Chandan Yatra’ of the […]