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Covid-19 fatality In Odisha and Poverty
Is Poverty A Reason For Low Covid Deaths In Odisha?

While the SBI report empirically observed that most low-income states have low Covid-19 deaths, the AIIMS-Patna study and international experts link it to higher immunity among populations in lower strata and low life expectancy  

Why Petrol, Diesel Prices Are Touching Record Highs: Know Details
'Petrol, Diesel Prices Will tumble to Rs 75/litre, Rs 68/lit If brought Under GST'

Bhubaneswar:  With the prices of petro-fuels burning the pockets of the common man, a big revelation has been if states agree with the Centre to bring the petro-products under the ambit of GST, only within 24-hours, the rate of the fossil fuels per litre will crash to just Rs 75 per litre. This is not […]