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Putin Spies Stole AstraZeneca Covid Formula To Create Sputnik Vax

Conservative MP Bob Seely, an expert in Russian affairs, said: "I think we need to get serious about Russian and Chinese espionage. Whether it is stealing the design for AstraZeneca or blackmailing us over energy by these authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, we need to get wise to them."

  • Monday, 11 October 2021
Intelligent Testing Strategy For Being 'Ahead Of Virus': ICMR

New Delhi: The Indian Council of Medical Research on Monday said that India developed an Intelligent Testing Strategy to remain ‘ahead of the virus’ by developing testing infrastructure that is laboratories and other means of testing. According to ICMR, the country now has a capacity of testing 2 lakh samples per day. “India now has […]

  • Friday, 16 April 2021
'Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Safe For People With Weak Immunity'

New Delhi: Volunteers have begun participating in Brazil’s first clinical trial of Oxford COVID-19 vaccine. The ChAdOx1 vaccine technology is based on an adenovirus, and it is considered very safe, even in people with a weak immune system. The vaccine being used in the Brazilian trial, on 5,000 volunteers, is similar to the one used […]

  • Thursday, 15 April 2021
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Oxford Covid Vaccine Early Stage Trial Shows Promise: Report

London: A Covid-19 vaccine developed by researchers at Oxford University generated an immune response against the disease in Phase-1 trial, The Telegraph reported even as official publication of the results are awaited. The Oxford vaccine candidate is believed to be leading the race among over 100 to find an effective protection against the disease. Oxford […]

  • Thursday, 15 April 2021
Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine Produces Immune Response In Early Trial

London: The Covid-19 vaccine developed by scientists at the Oxford University produces strong immune responses in both parts of the immune system, showed results of the Phase I/II trial published in The Lancet medical journal on Monday. The vaccine provoked a T cell response within 14 days of vaccination — white blood cells that can […]

  • Wednesday, 14 April 2021
DCGI Issues Notice To Serum Institute Over Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Suspension By AstraZeneca Abroad

New Delhi: The central drug regulator has issued a show-cause notice to the Serum Institute of India (SII) for not informing it about pharma giant AstraZeneca pausing the clinical trials of the Oxford vaccine candidate for COVID-19 in other countries and also for not submitting casualty analysis of the “reported serious adverse events”. The show-cause […]

  • Monday, 12 April 2021
Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine: Serum Institute Of India Gets DCGI Nod To Resume Cinical trial Of Vax

New Delhi: Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) Dr V G Somani has gave permission to Serum Institute of India to resume clinical trial of the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine candidate in the country while revoking its earlier order of suspending any new recruitment for phase two and three trial. The DCGI has, however, put certain […]

  • Monday, 12 April 2021
Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine
Australia Begins Production Of Oxford-Developed Covid-19 Vaccine

Canberra: Australia on Monday began the local production of a Covid-19 vaccine candidate developed by the University of Oxford, with roughly 30 million doses planned to be manufactured. Despite still undergoing clinical trials, the vaccine, which was co-developed by pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, is considered one of the more promising vaccines globally, reports Xinhua news agency. […]

  • Friday, 09 April 2021
Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Encouraging' For Older Age Groups
Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Encouraging' For Older Age Groups

London: Covid-19 vaccine developed by British-Swedish pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca and Oxford University produced a strong immune response in older adults. The results have raised hopes that it can protect the age groups most at risk from the virus. The study, published in The Lancet medical journal, suggest that those aged over 70, who are at […]

  • Friday, 09 April 2021
Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine Protects Against Disease, Is Safe: Lancet

London: In a significant development, the first full results from interim analysis has confirmed that the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine has an acceptable safety profile and is efficacious against symptomatic the Coronavirus caused disease, with only three out of 23,745 participants experiencing serious adverse events. Interim results of the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trials found that the […]

  • Thursday, 08 April 2021
Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine: Here's What You Need To Know

New Delhi: With the UK giving the green light to the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University and drug maker AstraZeneca, India is also expected to follow suit soon as a meeting of the decision-making body began on Friday, giving new hope of beginning the end of the pandemic as the New Year ushers in. […]

  • Wednesday, 07 April 2021
Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine To Go For 'Mix-Match Trial' With Russia's Sputnik V
Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine To Go For 'Mix-Match Trial' With Russia's Sputnik V

London: The Oxford University and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is set to be used for a mix and match trial with Russia’s Sputnik vaccine against the novel coronavirus. The two sets of experts are to join forces to explore if a combination of the two jabs, both using a benign virus called adenovirus, could prove effective […]

  • Monday, 01 March 2021