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Tag: Exoplanet

NASA's Webb captures 1st direct image of distant exoplanet.
NASA captures 1st direct image of exoplanet outside our solar system

This image shows the exoplanet 'HIP 65426 b' in different bands of infrared light.

  • Friday, 02 September 2022
Physical Research Lab Scientists Discover New Exoplanet
Physical Research Lab Scientists Discover New Exoplanet

There are less than 10 such close-in systems known among the zoo of exoplanets known so far.

  • Wednesday, 17 November 2021
Why This Exoplanet Is At Large Distance From Sun-Like Star
Why This Exoplanet Is At Large Distance From Sun-Like Star

London: A giant planet orbiting at a large distance around a sun-like star has presented a puzzle to astronomers because it does not seem to fit either of the two…

  • Tuesday, 20 April 2021
'Water Found For First Time On Potentially Habitable Planet'

London: Astronomers have for the first time discovered water in the atmosphere of an exoplanet with Earth-like temperatures that could support life as we know it. K2-18b, which is eight times the mass of Earth, is now the only planet orbiting a star outside the Solar System, or ‘exoplanet’, known to have both water and […]

  • Sunday, 25 April 2021
NASA exoplanet hunter swings by Moon, clicks first image

Washington: On a mission to find thousands of new planets, NASA’s next planet hunter, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), has successfully completed a lunar flyby, bringing the satellite a step closer to searching for new worlds, NASA has said. The spacecraft passed about 8,000 kilometers from the Moon on Thursday, which provided a gravity […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021
NASA finds water in Saturn-sized exoplanet's atmosphere

Washington: Astronomers have detected a large amount of water in the atmosphere of a hot, Saturn-mass exoplanet some 700 light-years away. The planet, known as WASP-39b, has three times as much water as Saturn does, NASA said on Thursday. Though no planet like this resides in our solar system, WASP-39b can provide new insights into […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021
NASA's Kepler discovers nearly 100 new exoplanets

London: An international team of scientists have confirmed the discovery of nearly 100 new exoplanets — planets located outside our solar system. The discovery was based on data from the second mission of NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope or K2 released in 2014. K2 searches for exoplanet transits by registering dips in light caused by the […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021

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