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Common Cold
Exposure To Common Cold Can Help Combat Covid-19: Study

Exposure to the rhinovirus, the most frequent cause of the common cold, can protect against infection by the virus which causes Covid-19, researchers have found.

Antibody From Common Cold Reacts To Covid Infection:Study

US researchers have identified that a special type of antibody is produced in patients who've had Covid-19 as well as common colds, an advance that may be the starting point for broader-acting vaccines.

Common Cold Can't Be Termed As Sign Of Coronavirus: AIIMS

New Delhi: A while ago, a group of general physicians in the UK claimed that common cold symptoms should not be taken for granted, instead treated as a sign of coronavirus. But there is a divergent view, the President of AIIMS, Bhopal and Jammu, Y.K. Gupta told IANS that cough, fever and common cold cannot […]

Common Cold In Past May Give Protection From Covid-19

New York: In a big breakthrough, researchers have found that people who have had a bout of seasonal or common cold in the past may get protection from Covid-19. The study, published in the journal mBio, also suggests that immunity to Covid-19 is likely to last a long time — maybe even a lifetime. The […]

Flu Might Protect You From The Common Cold

Researchers have found that people who suffered from influenza were 70 per cent less likely to have acquired rhinoviruses or the common cold. For the study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, samples from 44,230 cases of acute respiratory illness, in 36,157 patients, were tested for 11 types of respiratory […]