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Nandankanan to swap tigers with two giraffes from Mysore

Bhubaneswar: The lone giraffe ‘Khusi’ at Nandankanan here has a reason to cheer as the zoo authorities have decided to bring  two partners for her from Mysore under animal  exchange programme. Nandankanan will have to give two tigers to Mysore zoo to get the long-necked animals. The State zoo director recently returned from Mysore after […]

After death of 'Joy', Nandankanan seeks another giraffe from Alipore zoo

Following the death of male giraffe Joy, who died of theileriosis on February 29 five days after it was brought from the Alipore zoo, authorities of the Nandankanan zoo on Thursday wrote a letter to the Alipore zoo authorities requesting them to send another male giraffe

Joy died of Filariasis: Expert team

Bhubaneswar: Joy, the five year old male giraffe brought from Alipore zoo, died of Filariasis, said Professor Niranjan Sahoo, a member of the expert team, probing into the death of the long neck animal. Informing the newsmen Sahoo said, “Joy was suffering from Filariasis after getting bitten by infected ticks.” “The symptoms of the disease […]

Male giraffe ‘Joy’ died of heart stroke

Preliminary investigation suggests that ‘Joy’, the male giraffe brought to the Nandankanan zoo from the Alipore zoo in Kolkata on February 24, died this morning of heart stroke, said sources in the expert team formed to probe the death on Monday

‘Joy’ of ‘Khusi’ no more

Bhubaneswar: The male giraffe ‘Joy’ brought from Alipore Zoo to Nandankanan six days ago for mating with the lone female giraffe ‘Khusi’ died at its enclosure in the zoo today. Though the reason for the death is yet to be established, Forest and Environment minister Bikram Keshari Arukh directed the PCCF (wild life) to probe […]

'Joy' brings joy for Nandankanan's lone female giraffe

Bhubaneswar: The long wait for a mate for Khushi, the lone female giraffe at the Nandankana zoological park here, ended today with male giraffe ‘Joy’ arriving from the Alipore Zoo in Kolkata this morning. The five-year old giraffe, which took birth at the Alipore zoo, was brought here under the supervision of an eight-member expert […]

Nandankanan swaps 4 tigers with male giraffe from Alipore zoo

Good news for animal lovers. A male giraffe is being brought from the Alipore zoo in Kolkata to the Nandankanan zoo here in exchange for four tigers