Singhania is India’s official choice for FIA WMSC seat

Chennai: Gautam Singhania will contest the FIA elections to be held in Paris on December 8, hoping to reclaim a seat for India on the prestigious FIA World Motor Sports Council.

The FMSCI announced this in a statement on Tuesday, revealing that Mr Singhania was nominated for the Titular’s post by the Board earlier this week. The FMSCI is the governing motor sports’ governing body in the country, the only such motor sport’s association recognized by the Government of India.

Singhania and Vicky Chandhok were the two names that were put up to the Board for consideration. Mr Gautam Singhania got the mandate from the Board by a majority.

The Board was also subsequently informed that the FMSCI can send in two nominations as per the statutes of the FIA for the WMSC Elections. The majority of the Board however decided to nominate only one candidate to put up a strong, singular contest.

Singhania, a known motor sports’ enthusiast, has driven a Formula 1 car in France, and has also actively raced in the Ferrari Challenge.

The FIA AGM this year is crucial as not only the new World Motor Sports Council but also a new President and the seven Vice-Presidents will be elected for a four-year term.

The WMSC Board consists of 14 elected members, voted in by 196 members. The President of the FMSCI, Akbar Ebrahim, will attend the AGM and will vote on behalf of India.

If elected, Singhania will become a member of the FIA World Motor Sports Council Board and will represent the FMSCI as its Titular. Ebrahim, as the FMSCI president, will represent the FMSCI as the Deputy Titular.