Strayed Pangolin caught in Jajpur

Jajpur: A pangolin that had strayed out of jungle was rescued from Betanda-Balisahi in Jajpur district by local villagers, forest officials said on Monday.

Villagers spotted the rare animal and captured it in a gunny bag before informing forest department officials on Sunday. forest officials took the animal from the locals. .

"The Indian Pangolin or Manis Crassicaudata is protected under Schedule 1 of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Pangolin might look fearsome, but in reality it is shy, harmless creature. We need to educate people about some of this rarer species," said Sarat Chandra Sahu, Bayree Ranger.

The rare nocturnal mammal was safe and released into the Nalida jungle in the presence of animal lovers and social activists, said Sahu adding that it was 3 feet in length and weighed more than ten kg.