Indian robot made in China steals the show at IT event

Beijing: An Indian robot made in China, which could recognise people by their nationalities and guide customers in a bank, today captivated Chinese manufacturers at an IT event held in the southern port city of Dalian.

The five-feet Robot Mitra which was designed in Bengaluru but manufactured in the Chinese city of Shenzhen was presented as a model of merger of India’s software prowess with China’s hardware, Gagan Sabharwal, Senior Director, Global Trade Development, NASSCOM told PTI.

Mitra is a perfect example of how Indian software and China’s hardware can be merged, Sabharwal said, adding that the agreement helps to bring the small and medium-sized enterprises and startups of both the countries to launch into Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), he said.

Its inventors could not bring it to the first India-China Dalian Internet of Things (IoT) Conference which was well attended by top Chinese and Indian manufacturing firms as the airlines did not allow its heavy batteries to be transported.

Instead it was introduced through a presentation which drew considerable attention, Sabharwal said.

The robot helps identify people at the airports and other places through nationalities or ethnic backgrounds and recommends hotel, restaurants and places of interests.

Mitra has been deployed at Canara Bank in Bengaluru to guide customers in banking operations.

NASSCOM plans to take it to a major IT event in Japan next month to highlight its operational utility at the airports, Sabharwal said.

During the event, NASSCOM and Dalian local government signed an agreement to further strengthen software and IT communication and cooperation amid opportunities brought about by the global digital revolution.