Octogenarian Shyam Babu Subudhi Fighting 33rd Elections And Still Counting!

Berhampur: A hope to end corruption has made him so focused that even after attaining the age of 84, he still stands tall and undeterred with a pledge to resolve his people’s issues, holding a small cricket bat in his hand. Meet Dr Shyam Babu Subudhi from Berhampur who has contested Lok Sabha, Assembly and Rajya Sabha polls as an independent since 1962, for as many as 32 times.

This 2019 elections, Subudhi is contesting from Aska and Berhampur Lok Sabha constituencies.

“I started the fight in 1962. The very motive behind fighting elections is to raise voice against corruption. I have fought elections 32 times,” said Subudhi while speaking to ANI.

Though Subudhi has faced loss each time he contested, he is confident that he will taste victory one day. ” It does not matter whether I win or lose. I have to continue the fight against corruption. We will win one day. There’s a wind sweeping here, that Shyam Babu is a lion. There is so much party hopping these days, but I have not let the hopes of people down and stood with them,” he said.

“I have fought against the then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao and also against son of Kalinga Biju Patnaik. People say they won’t see a lion like me in the country. In the upcoming elections, people have assured that they will bless me and support my cause,” he added.

On how he is managing his crusade, Subudhi said, “I campaign on my own in trains, buses and at market places. My election symbol is a bat and has ‘PM candidate’ written on it. I am sure people would vote for me and hit a big six.”