Rashmi Rekha Das

Puri King Dibyasingh Deb on Tuesday paid a visit to Gundicha Temple in Puri to inspect temple’s repair work. 

Following his visit, Gajapati said, “Repair work is in progress. We are hopeful the project will be completed by the end of February. The bud capital that takes entire burden of the temple roof and four columns are in bad shape because the wrought iron beam installed in the bud capital has got swollen. That’s why cracks have appeared. Those beams will be replaced and technical committees will install beams, made of stainless steel. The sanctum sanctorum of temple does not need any sort of repair as reinforcement work is already done. The team will repair ceiling too.”

He went on to add: “The temple administration will carry out the repair work of the Gundicha temple as it is the duty of the Srimandir temple administration. The administration will seek ASI’s advice when required. Besides, we will give a boost to Gundicha temple by launching a big project on its 5-acre land. Delhi-based heritage experts of Lotus Studio has given comprehensive plan which has been approved by Srimandir administration.”

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) core committee member NC Pal was also present during Puri King’s visit. 

It may be mentioned that after the technical committee spotted cracks on the columns of Gundicha temple, Puri Srimandir Technical Core Committee carried out an inspection and found some cracks appearing on three out of four columns.

The sanctum sanctorum of the Sri Gundicha Temple was last repaired in 1994.

The panel during the temporary restoration work of a wrought iron beam in Nata Mandap of the temple during this year's Rath Yatra felt that there were some major issues with the columns and beams of the structure. To clear their assumptions, the committee carried out an extensive inspection today and found the cracks.