Hope kindles for man after hands chopped off

Cuttack: Hope is at hand for Khirod Mishra of Bolangir whose hands were chopped off by miscreants over past enmity. A step, which will be a watershed development in medical science in the State, doctors of SCB Medical College and Hospital here are planning to attach prosthetic hands to the victim.

Such a news has brought a gleam of hope on Khirod’s face amid all devastation and he eagerly waits for the day.

Narrating the hair-raising incident, Khirod said, “After they chopped one hand, I said ‘You have take one hand, now leave me’. But they said they will chop off the other hand as well. I pleaded them to cut my throat instead.”

“Initially two persons came and misbehaved with me on that day. They returned after a while and attacked me. I tried to flee but they came in groups and I could not escape. There were 14 people. While two of them manhandled my mother, 12 others pushed me to ground and attacked.”

With such horrific memories of that fateful day, Khirod seems lost and forlorn as he looks out of the hospital window, pondering over the future ahead for him.

Her elder sister is yet to come to terms with such a mishap that has ravaged the family as she continues to nurse her brother at the hospital failing to hold back her tears.

After learning that the chopped hands cannot be re-implanted, the family is now nursing a hope that the prosthetic procedure will restore some normalcy in Khirod’s life.

“After knowing that prosthetic hands can be attached, I feel better now,” said Khirod with a pale smile, wearing a look of a man who found something after losing everything.

“We are currently doing some plastic surgeries ahead of the prosthesis operation. Subsequently, we will implant the prosthetic arms through computerised prosthesis. Such an operation will be a first in the State,” said Dr Arun Choudhary.