Cyclone Fani: Here’s detail of damage and action taken so far

Bhubaneswar: Cyclone Fani has left behind a trail of destruction in several parts of Odisha. While the cyclonic storm has caused extensive damage in Khurda and Puri districts, Cuttack, Kendrapara and Jagatsinghpur districts have been moderately affected.

As per the data from State Emergency Operation Centre (SEOC), Bhubaneswar, nearly 30 lakh electricity consumers have been affected by the extremely severe cyclonic storm.

As many as 19 (132 KV towers), 2 (400 KV towers), 200 (33 KV/11 KV HT Poles), 10,000 (11/0.4 Distribution Transformers) have been extensively damaged.

In Puri district the cyclone has caused extensive damages to all kutcha houses. Structures of temporary street vendors have been completely damaged. 160 persons have been injured and admitted to hospital for treatment.

Several trees have been uprooted resulting in disruption of road communication in Khurda and Bhubaneswar.

In Bhubaneswar, power supply has been affected due to uprooting of electricity poles, damage to substations and transmission lines.

Telecom towers have been affected resulting in cellular and telephone network down in several parts of Odisha. All telephone and cell phones are down in Puri district. Telephone and mobile connectivity has also been severely affected in Khordha including Bhubaneswar.

         Actions Taken:

  • 321 Mobile Medical Teams Deployed.
  • 1945 pregnant women shifted to Maa Gruhas/ Delivery points.
  • 5703 open water sources disinfected affected areas
  • 56 number of doctors deployed from outside to Boudh, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapada and Puri.
  • 20 ODRAF, 44 NDRF teams have been deployed in the affected areas.
  • 525 Fire Teams have been deployed for SAR and road clearance in the affected areas.District Specific Action Taken:

Puri: One lane of the NH from Puri to Bhubaneswar cleared. Marine drive is being cleared from Konark side. 19 teams are in action for clearing the roads. About 60 % clearance of PWD has been done. 32 Medical teams deployed. 45 Veterinary teams deployed.

Khurda: All PWD Roads cleared by today morning. Uprooted trees have already been cleared from all major roads 26 Medical teams deployed. 10 Veterinary teams deployed.

Bhubaneswar. Traffic movement has been restored in all the PWD roads of Bhubaneswar. Action has already been initiated to clear all the up rooted tress in the arterial roads. 27 JCBs with full teams are being engaged for restoration work.

Cuttack: Action has already been initiated to clear all the up-rooted trees.