BJD cries foul once again, urges CEO to cancel Jay Panda’s candidature; BJP hits back

Bhubaneswar: As Odisha is inching closer to the final and most crucial phase of the polls, BJD has decided to go all out to leave no stone unturned in putting a brake to the rising popularity of BJP national vice president & Kendrapara MP candidate Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda. Seems, the love Kendrapara people are showering on Jay Panda, is giving jitters to the ruling party. The BJD once again raked up the issue of Jay Panda’s 2014 election affidavit at a press conference today. Later, the delegation met the CEO Odisha demanding cancellation of Jay Panda’s candidature.

The spokespersons of BJD, who had levelled similar allegations a few days back, repeated that Panda in 2014 had filed a false election affidavit by suppressing his commercial interests in mining company IMFA and Rs 1 crore that he used to earn yearly from IMFA.

“In the 2014 election affidavit, Baijayant Panda mentioned about himself as ‘Sitting Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha’. There was no mention about his business interests and role as a Vice Chairman of a mining company, IMFA and drawing a crore of rupees annually as a business and mines owner. In the Annual Report of 2013-14 and 2014-15 of IMFA, he is mentioned as the Vice Chairman of IMFA, drawing an annual salary of 1.04 crore,” they mentioned.

They then questioned, “How in 2019 elections, his (Jay Panda) election affidavit, stated as Appointment as Vice Chairman of the company (IMFA) for a period of 3 years from October 28, 2018 with monthly remuneration of Rs 17 lakhs (which amounts to more than 2 crore annually), perquisites and managerial commission…..”

“This cheating is known as Double-B cheating. You have heard of Double-Engine but now its Double-B, BJP and Baijayant,” said BJD spokesperson Sasmit Patra.

Responding to the ‘Double-B’ allegations, BJP spokesperson Golak Mohapatra hit back at the BJD and said, “When he (Baijayant) or any leader is a part of BJD, they are all good but as soon as they quit, the party takes no time to bring such allegations.

Further taking a dig at Sasmit Patra, the BJP spokesperson stated, “I want to ask Sasmit Patra whether CM Naveen’s affidavit filed by him during nomination mention about CBI interrogation in coal block allocation case. CEO saved him, High Court will not. BJD MP Rabindra Jena was grilled by the CBI and he is on bail. Has he declared his involvement in chit fund scam in his affidavit? I advise the BJD to look into its own house instead of poking at others.”

Earlier, Jay Panda had also responded to the fake affidavit allegations of the BJD stating “During 18 years in Parliament representing the BJD, they never had any complaints against me. But in the last couple of years they seem to have suddenly found a lot of faults with me. The BJD has become a bunch of corrupt, criminal buffoons, And the people of Odisha have become aware of it. Thankfully, in just a few weeks, Odisha will be free from their buffoonery and thuggery.”