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Dilip Kumar

Bhubaneswar: After days of simmering heat making life miserable for people across Odisha, parts of the State especially coastal regions may experience a dip in temperature due to the ingress of on-shore winds from the Bay of Bengal, regional Meteorological Centre, Bhubaneswar, predicted.

The sea breeze is likely to intensify further from today. Under its influence, the daytime temperature is likely to drop up to 2 degrees C from today, the met department informed through a tweet.

When the sea breeze front meets the drier, hotter inland air, the warmer, lighter air will converge and rise leading to the development of thunderstorm systems. It will create a favorable condition for rain, the met department stated.

Many places across Odisha had been witnessing heatwave condition for the last few days.

Temperature soared to 42 degrees Celsius in six places on Monday. As many as 17 places in the State had recorded day temperature of 40 degrees Celsius or above a day earlier.

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