Sanjeev Kumar Pradhan

Bhubaneswar: The BJD government has come under severe attack from the Opposition over the recently-launched KALIA scheme. The Congress today brought allegations of tender fixing in the implementation of KALIA scheme.

At a presser in Bhubaneswar today, Odisha Congress media cell chief, Satya Prakash Nayak alleged that the printing of banners, posters, leaflets and stickers for the KALIA Scheme were done without signing of tender agreements.

"After signing the tender agreements, the printing should take place, but it started much before the stipulated deadline," Nayak said.

He further alleged that such lapses have resulted in financial irregularities to the tune of Rs 15 crore and demanded a high-level probe into the matter.

On the other hand, Odisha BJP vice president Samir Mohanty alleged that though the state government is claiming that the KALIA scheme is for the benefit of farmers, it is being used as a mechanism to funnel funds to party workers.

"Under the scheme the beneficiaries are being chosen based on party affiliation and the sharecroppers in the state are also being ignored," Mohanty said.

Mohanty further alleged that the scheme is only a political gimmick of the state government to hoodwink people ahead of the upcoming general elections.

Refuting such allegations the ruling-BJD said that the Opposition parties are getting envious over the popularity of the scheme.

"The allegations of the Opposition are baseless. We would not have received 10 lakh enrollment forms, had the scheme not been popular," Senior BJD leader and Odisha Finance Minister, Sashi Bhusan Behera said.

"Those who are criticizing the scheme are exposing their cheap politics. If they analyse the popularity of the scheme they will not make such statements."