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To ensure timely completion of the rituals of the deities, the Shri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) today said the Sandhya darshan (also known as Navami darshan) of the deities at Adapa Mandap inside Sri Gundicha temple would be stopped after 7 PM.

Talking to OTV today, senior servitor and assistant secretary of Daitapati Nijog Binayak Dasmohapatra said keeping in mind the series of rituals of the deities for the Bahuda Jatra, the duration of Sandhya darshan of the deities has been curtailed.

“It has been decided that the there would be no Sandhya darshan of the deities after 7 PM. We are expediting the Sandhya Alati, Sandhya Dhupa, Badasimhara Besha, Badasimhara Bhoga, Pahuda Alati, Srimukha Khandua, Bahuta Kanta, Kusumi Lagi and Senapata Lagi rituals to ensure that the rituals of the deities for the Bahuda Jatra are completed in time. We are working in coordination with the Daitapati sevayats and all sevayats towards this end,” he added.

Dasmohapatra said the rituals of the deities for the Bahuja Jatra would be begin with Mangala Alati at 4 AM followed by Mailam at 4.15 AM, Tadapa Lagi and Rosha Homa at 4.30 AM, Abakasha at 5 AM, Surya Puja at 5.15 AM, Dwarapala Puja and Besha Sesha at 5.30 AM, Gopala Ballava and Sakala Dhupa (Khichudi Bhoga) between 5.30 AM and 6.30 AM, Senapata Lagi between 6.30 AM and 11.30 AM and Mangalarpana at 11.45 AM.

“The pahandi (procession) of the deities would be held between 12 PM and 2.30 PM while the Gajapati King Divyasingh Deb will perform Chhera Panhara on the three chariots at 3.30 PM. After the Chhera Panhara, the servitors will conduct the Charamala Phita (untying of ropes) from the three chariots and fix the wooden horses and charioteers (Sarathi). The pulling of chariots will begin at 4 PM.

Elaborate security arrangements have been made for the smooth conduct of the festival. Senior police officer and Additional DG Binayanand Jha and Puri SP Sarthak Sarangi today briefed the security personnel at the Sri Gundicha temple about the measures to be taken to cordon the three chariots.

“Besides the inner and outer cordon of the chariots, a four-layer security arrangement has been put in place in the entire Puri city. Special arrangements have been made for the cordon of the three chariots and crowd control. Besides, tight security is in place in the beach and along the Puri coast, while extra arrangements have been made for emergency security in case of any untoward incident,” RP Koche, IG, Central Range, told media persons here.

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Asked whether the three chariots would be pulled to the Simhadwara of Shri Jagannath temple tomorrow, Koche said this will be possible only if the rituals of the deities are performed in time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]