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Vikash Sharma

Malkangiri: Amidst the ongoing standoff between Odisha and Andhra Pradesh over Kotia village, the neighbouring State has now set its eye on another bordering village.

Though the land belongs to Odisha, Andhra Pradesh is allegedly extending all welfare schemes to the residents of Jumadanga village under Swabhiman Anchal of Chitrakonda block in Malkangiri district. It is pertinent to mention that Odisha government had claimed that all facilities will be extended to cut-off areas, now called as Swabhiman Anchal, after Gurupriya bridge was inaugurated. However, several areas are still languishing in darkness due to administrative apathy.

“Andhra Pradesh is giving all benefits from rice to other facilities,” said Nagesh Khila, a local resident.
As per reports, the Jumadanga which was earlier a part of Raleguda panchayat now comes under Dhuliput panchayat following delimitation. Though such decision was taken at the government level, no steps were subsequently taken by the block officials who turned a blind eye towards the plight of its inhabitants.

Taking advantage of such administrative apathy, Andhra Pradesh is now rolling out several welfare schemes for the locals. Be it drinking water, electricity or ration card, every possible step is being taken allegedly by the neighbouring State to issue new voter ID and Aadhar cards to the people who already are residents of Odisha.

There was an angawandi centre in the village, but it has now been closed. Odisha officials did not even bother to set up a school there. This certainly provided an opportunity to Andhra Pradesh to win the confidence of people by setting up a school where the students are forced to study in Telugu instead of Odia.

“We have got ration and Voter ID cards from Andhra Pradesh. We want to study in Odia, but we are forced to study in Telugu as there is no school,” said Jameri Khila, another local resident.

Block Development Officer (BDO) of Chitrakonda block, on the other hand, assured that necessary steps will be taken to stop Andhra incursion.

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