Vikash Sharma

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Thursday said that as of now there is no impact of the low pressure which is likely to form over south Andaman sea tomorrow.

As the system is situated far away from Odisha, its impact will not be seen now. However, the current weather conditions in the form of rainfall activities in Odisha are under the influence of Nor’wester, said IMD DG Mrutyunjay Mohapatra.

Mohapatra said as per the forecast the low pressure system will form on May 6 as the clouds have started assembling. It will subsequently move in north-west direction and by May 8 it will be around the Bay of Bengal region as a depression.

“As of now, we have not made any forecast whether it will take the shape of a cyclone. The further path of the system can only be ascertained after it intensifies into a low pressure and a clear picture can emerge thereafter,” said Mohapatra.

The IMD DG said so far only fishermen warning has been issued as sea conditions in Andaman sea, Andaman Islands and Bay of Bengal will be rough with gusting winds reaching a speed of 75 kmph prevailing till May 8.

“Only after the low pressure forms, we will be in a position to predict. As of now, we have not made any forecast regarding cyclone as we do not want to create unnecessary panic. Till May 8, it will move in north-west direction and reach Bay of Bengal as depression. The forecast regarding what will be the intensity and its path will be made in subsequent period,” Mohapatra added.