Rashmi Ranjan

A man’s plan for cheating on his girlfriend and going out for a dinner date with another girl has turned into his worst nightmare after he was caught red-handed by his partner. A purported video of the entire incident is now going viral on social media platforms.

In the viral video, the man can be seen getting close to a girl while having dinner at a roadside eatery. 

Suddenly, a speeding SUV stops at the shop and a girl along with a man comes out of the vehicle. 

Before the man, who was having dinner could understand anything, his partner unleashed a furious attack on him.

The girl threw the chair and poured sauce on the man and spilled the food served on the table. 

However, the man accompanying the angry girl grabbed her from behind to normalise the situation.

The video has so far garnered 2.2 lakh views and around 10000 likes.

“Gaya, khtam, Tata bye bye,” a user commented while the other one wrote, “Woh bhi toh ladke ke sath ayi he.”

“The guy holding her is definitely the male best friend,” a third user com