Cassian Baliarsingh

It is rightly said that ‘Men are from Mars while women are from Venus’ because it is almost impossible to make a perfect relationship. If the guy is perfect then it is obvious that his girl would be the relationship ‘ruiner’ and vice-versa.

Though every relationship or marriage has its share of ups and downs, there are certain things that a woman/man does that can ruin the relationship.

Meanwhile, a video of a Pakistani woman questioning men about that one thing that a wife cannot give to her husband has left the internet in splits. The curious lady interviewer gets different types of answers from men.

However, the answer of one man will make you go ROFL. The video starts with a young lady interviewer asking the man, “Aap mujhe yeh batayein, question puchti hoon main common sense ka. Woh Kya hai jo biwi apni sohar ko nahin de sakti (Please answer my question on common sense. What is that one thing that a woman cannot give to her husband?).

Hilariously, the man thinks for a few seconds and replies, “Sukoon”. The hilarious answer has left the internet laughing with several reactions in the comments section.

“Bhai pehli baar sach bolte huye itna khush hua hai,” commented a user with laughing emojis.

Another user commented, “Kitna sukoon hai uske sabdo mein. Uska sukoon niklegi beta tu ghar pahanch (with laughing emojis).

“Dil ki baat boldi bhai ne,” commented a third user.

“100 topon ki salami bhai apko,” wrote another user while another user wrote, “Bas kar pagle ab rulayega kya.”

There are several other such hilarious reactions in the comments section and social media users are having a fun day.

Coming back to the question, as it was a question of common sense, the right answer is – “Wife cannot give a shoulder to her husband’s dead boy.”

However, the video was for fun purpose and not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments.