Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Social media is the biggest platform through which people can expand their reach across the globe. Amid the growing usage of social media, reels have become the best means for content creators, brands and influencers to captivate audiences. 

To earn more views and higher engagement rates, content creators do crazy stuff that sometimes can blow your mind. 

Here we bring a video of such a crazy content creator who straight drives into a waterlogged road and lies down after parking his Royal Enfield bike. 

As seen in the video, the well-dressed youth is seen riding his Royal Enfield on a waterlogged road. Several other vehicles are also seen plying on the road. However, suddenly he stops in the mid of the waterlogged road and parks his bike. Surprisingly, he lies down in the dirty water just like his bed. 

He also moves his hands on the water's surface as if trying to break the waves. 

After a few moments, he gets up laughing and rides back on his bike. 

The video is shared on Instagram by puneetsuper_starrrr, who is a content creator and mostly does crazy stuff to entertain the audience. He boasts a huge number of followers with over 250K users. Apart from such crazy entertaining videos, he also creates special reels for wishing people on birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion. 

Meanwhile, netizens seem to be enjoying his videos a lot which is obvious from the comments. 

One user wrote, “Lord ne pani me let kr uski purity bda di.” “This guy is enjoying his life than 99% human,” wrote another. “Lord is giving a valuable lesson of life that live your life to fullest. Thank you, Lord. Now waiting for rainy season so that I can do the same,” wrote a third user.