Cassian Baliarsingh

What is more painful than a breakup? Well, you wouldn’t say that breakups are the most painful if you have seen your girlfriend getting married to someone else in front of your eyes.

There are a hundred Bollywood songs where a hero can be seen crying in front of the mandap while his lady love gets married to someone else. However, none of these songs can fathom the feeling and pain of seeing your girlfriend being taken by someone else.

However, this Pakistani man got excited and danced in joy after seeing his girlfriend gets married to someone else.

Yes, you read that right!

The man attended his girlfriend’s wedding and his happiness knew no boundaries. Now, the reason for his happiness is going viral and has the internet in splits. A curious girl asked him about the reason for his joy and his hilarious answer will make you go ROFL.

The girl walks up to the boy and asks, “Aaj Aap Bada Khush Lag Rahe Hain, Kya Wajah Hai,” (You seem very happy today, what is the reason?).

The boy replies, “Yaar, meri bandi ki shaadi hogayi hai (my girl is getting married),” to which the girl questions again, “Toh apko dukhi hona chahiye tha (you should be sad today).”

Again the boy replies, “Nahin Yaar Woh Mujhe Kaha Karti Thi Ki Lambe Baal Rakho, Lambe Baal Rakho…Lambe Baal Mujhe Bahut Pasand Hai (no, she used to advise me to keep long hair as she liked long hair).”

“Toh Aaj Humne Uski Shaadi Pe Gaye Aur Uske Ganje Husband Ko Dekhkar Dil Ko Karaar Aaya(Today, we went to her marriage and my heart is dancing after seeing her bald husband),” the boy adds.

The hilarious video has gone crazy viral with millions of views and hilarious reactions from social media users. The comment section is filled with laughing emojis.

A user commented, “Legend hai bhai toh,” while another user wrote, “Yeh toh sach bol dia.”