Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In today's age of social media and advanced technology, people have become quite clever in using smart gadgets, such as Smartphones and other tech devices.

However, some individuals tend to overuse these gadgets to the point of addiction.

Recently, a video featuring a woman who is addicted to her Smartphone has gone viral on social media.

The video captures a moment in a shopping mall where a woman is deeply engrossed in her Smartphone.

She's so focused on her device that she walks towards an escalator, thinking it is in operation.

However, the escalator is actually not working, and people are walking past her. The woman remains oblivious to this situation as she continues using her Smartphone.


A post shared by LADbible (@ladbible)

This amusing video was shared by the user @LADbible on Instagram, who has 14 million subscribers.

The caption of the video read, "They had no idea it had stopped 😂😂," which garnered millions of views and likes on social media.

Netizens have been commenting on the video, with one user saying, "This video perfectly sums up the Smartphone era in a few seconds."

Another user pointed out, "It is even worse that no one bothered to inform her; they consciously let her keep standing there."

Yet another user humorously remarked, "The escalator does not realise the person is broken," and one more user added, "Now she's going to see this video of herself on that same phone."