Poonam Singh

Social media is flooded with some of the most shocking and unbelievable viral videos which offer an altogether different experience.

Here, we have come up with two such viral news that have shocked the netizens for some obvious reasons.

Recently, an Australian sheep broke records after being sold for a whopping Rs 2 crore. It has become the most expensive sheep sale so far. 

Reportedly, the Elite Australian White Syndicate, a conglomerate of four buyers of New South Wales, purchased the sheep.

One of the co-owners Steve Pederick describes the sheep as an “elite ram.”

"This sheep will be used by everyone in the group," added Steve while speaking to the media.

“We will utilise it across our four stud groups to use his exciting young genetics to bolster our studs,” said Steve.

Meanwhile, the sheep’s owner Graham Gilmore claimed to have not anticipated the sheep to fetch such a high price.

 "It's amazing to sell a sheep for that much money,” said Gilmore.

See the ‘ELITE SHEEP’ here:        

On the other hand, another video that shocked the netizens was a small tiny snake which swallowed an entire egg, which at first instance might look impossible for it to do so.

In the viral video, the snake is seen trying to swallow the entire egg. The serpent’s mouth looked quite smaller as it tried to swallow the egg which was twice the size of its mouth.

However, it slowly swallows the egg leaving the netizens flabbergasted. 

The video was shared by an Instagram account called @snakesrealm with the caption, “Snakes are trully amazing!"


A post shared by Snakes Realm (@snakesrealm)

The video has over 10k likes and over 173K views. Netizens were completely stunned by the clip and flooded the comment section. 

“You are joking me,” wrote a user. Another commented, “Next time, just crack the egg first,” says one user. “Oh my goodness! Crazy!,” said a third user.