Poonam Singh

Videos of women fighting with each other seem to have a large number audience on the internet. Recently, two women fighting with each other at a saree shop has gone viral. The fight involved more than fists and it was a confusing sight to watch. The video of the fight has already garnered a large number of views and was extensively shared on social media platforms. 

According to reports, the fight broke out over saree during the annual discount sale of Malleshwaram's Mysore silks in Bengaluru.

In the video, a large number of women can be seen purchasing sarees from the store. Meanwhile, in the rear two women were seen getting into a heated argument over a saree while shopping which quickly escalated into a full-fledged physical fight.

The security staff can also be seen trying to separate them but the two customers continued hurling slaps at each other and went on to pull each other's hair.

It was posted on Twitter by a user R Vaidya. It was captioned, “Mysore silk saree yearly sale @Malleshwaram .. two customers fighting over for a saree." The visuals of the fight became a topic of discussion on the public forum.

“Oh my god. Saree nahi hui bank balance ho gaya. What's wrong with these women. They were not giving sarees for free. Get a grip ladies.,” wrote one. Another stated, " And i thought only i was obsessed with sarees.”  A third wrote, “John Wick has sisters?!”

The 29-second video garnered more than 139.1K views on Twitter till the filling of this report.