Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Indian weddings comprise several traditional rituals. Priests or pandits conduct Hindu weddings as per the religious rituals. They chant different mantras and make the brides and grooms take the wedding vows. The significance of these mantras and religious rituals certainly hold importance since time immemorial. 

The brides and grooms take seven wedding vows during the puja. Each of the vows has its own significance.

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Here we bring you a video of a Hindu wedding that has recently stormed the internet. The video will certainly leave you stunned and rolling on the floors, laughing.

As seen in the video, a pandit along with others is sitting on the wedding mandap. The bride is also seen sitting close to the ‘Havan kund’.
However, instead of chanting the shlokas or mantras, the pandit starts singing, “Saath Rahenge, Saat Janam Tak... Aao Yeh Khayen Kasam…(Let’s take an oath that we will live together for seven births)”

As the pandit completes the lyrics, another person is heard repeating the same line with music playing in the background. 

Later, the pandit says, “When he saw her for the first time, Vinayak took an oath. Do you know which oath he took?”

The pandit continues, “Tumhe Apna Banane Ki Kasam, Khai Hai, Khai Hai… Haan Khai Hai…” This left the relatives, guests, friends and all others at the wedding cheering loud.

Again, the unseen person starts repeating the lyrics.

As the camera pans towards the guests witnessing the wedding, a few among them start singing the lyrics in chorus. 

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The pandit again continues, when Nandini saw him (Vinayak) for the first time, she also developed a feeling. 

Describing her feelings, the Pandit says, “Tu mera hai sanam, tu hi mera humdum, tere saang jeena aab saaton janam.”
This time, a girl joined the man and starts repeating the lyrics of the song. 
The video shared on Twitter by Hasna Zaroori Hai has gone viral on social media triggering a laugh riot among users.