Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The basic need of every living creature on earth is food, water and air that we get from nature. No living creature can survive for a long time without these basics. Like every other, living creature, snakes also feel thirsty and quench their thirst with water. However, witnessing a snake drinking water is uncommon.

Nevertheless, in the age of the internet, videos and pictures of such uncommon events go viral on social media. People, who have been lucky enough to witness such events, share those on social media and make those accessible publicly. 

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Here we bring one such video that has recently surfaced on social media. The video shows a thirsty snake gulping water from a glass. The event is more amazing than other videos as the reptile gulped the water in one go. 

As seen in the video, the snake has put its mouth inside a half-filled water glass. The reptile without taking a break almost emptied the water from the glass.

The video was captured by a person, who seems to be sitting close to the snake and served the glass of water.

The video shared on Twitter by Harrison Onuoha has been viewed over 873K times and the comment box is flooded with reactions from netizens expressing their surprise . Many users also went on to say that they witnessed a snake drinking water for the first time.

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