Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Teachers are the powerhouse of knowledge and students have several things to learn from them. While the relationship between teachers and students in India is considered sacred, it is friendlier in western countries. 

However, all teachers are never the same. Undeniably, activities, behaviour, and approach to teaching vary from teacher to teacher. 

Here we bring a video of a teacher who flaunts his gymnast skills in front of his students. However, it was more like a show-off rather than educating the students about something. 

As seen in the video, the teacher walks towards a bench and rests his hands on it to turn himself upside down. He again stands straight on the floor and tries to explain his students about something.

However, the second time, he runs towards the bench and repeats his gymnast act. But, luck was not in his favour the second time. The bench toppled, and the teacher lost his balance and fell down on his back. His back got hit hard on the edge of the bench which leaves him in pain.

While many of the students seemed to be in shocked over the incident, someone is heard clapping. 

Well, performing such gymnast acts inside a classroom could have been life-threatening. But, the teacher escaped the terrible fate with a small injury and a bit of embarrassment.