Manoj Kumar Jena

In desperation to gain attention and followers on social media, some influencers are adopting disturbing ways. Social media is flooded with such content where the influencers can be seen doing weird things to garner the limelight. Sometimes the urge to make content for views ends up creating a public nuisance as the influencers forget their surroundings while making reels. 

Recently, a social media influencer named Seema Kanojiya issued a public apology after police took action on her viral video in which she was seen dancing inside the Mumbai Railway Station, where the passengers were inconvenienced. 

Seema Kanojiya took to her Instagram handle and shared the video of her apology.

In the video, Seema was seen standing in the middle of two police personnel and she said, “The video which I had made at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) went viral and amassed 70-80 million views. It was unethical and an offense as I was not supposed to make such videos in public platforms. All the Youtubers and Instagram influencers should avoid making such videos and I apologize for creating inconvenience to passengers.”

The apology video was shared with the caption, “Don’t make video or reels at railway platforms and inside trains. Passengers face problems and it’s offense. I’m sorry to make reels at railway platform at Andheri and CSMT.” (SIC).

To the apology video, the netizens left their remarks in the comment section as one user wrote, “Dear police kindly keep holding her forever and don’t leave her,” another user wrote, “Good step by Mumbai police.” (SIC)

Watch the video below: