Poonam Singh

The wedding season has officially taken over the internet and so is the drama that takes place in them. No Indian wedding has ever been spared of drama no matter who does it. However, if the groom and bride are the cause of the drama, then it surely caught everyone’s attention just like this couple who seemed not to be happy with each other on their wedding day.

A hilarious video of the same has been shared by a Twitter page named Hasna Zaroori Hai. In the said clip, the bride was seen wearing a beautiful red lehenga and the groom was in a suit. The duo was seen standing on a stage surrounded by friends and relatives post their varmala ceremony.

As a part of the ritual, the groom is seen trying to feed a sweet to the bride. But the bride doesn’t eat it and takes the sweet from the groom's hand and throws it into the crowd who was standing in front of the wedding stage. The groom seems agitated over the bride’s behaviour.

Following this, when the bride is told to give water to the groom, he rejects it angrily just like the bride and doesn’t take the glass from her hand. The bride then throws the glass of water as well while everyone looks surprised with her act.  

It is not clear when and where the video was shot. However, the viral video has already garnered over 45.1K views as netizens are amused at the bride’s untimely anger.

While a section of the netizens found the video to be hilarious, others questioned if the couple was forced into the marriage.

One user wrote, ‘Samajh nahi aata, shaadi kar kyu rahey hai...Ye 2 min bhi saath nahi reh payenge..’while another commented, ‘Family court.’ A third wrote, ‘Itna Attitude.’