Cassian Baliarsingh

In a shocking turn of events, a principal of a school in UP allegedly bit a fellow teacher after she was caught doing ‘facial’ on the school premises. After being reprimanded by the teacher, the principal allegedly bit her and attacked her with bricks, leaving her critically injured.

The situation gained attention after the teacher released a video and showed her bite marks and injury on his head hit by a brick. The allegations have been brought against principal, Sangeeta Singh.

According to sources, Sangeeta was doing her ‘facial’ inside the school premises when a lady assistant teacher reprimanded her and documented the scene on a mobile phone. This led to fight between the two teachers and an infuriated principal tried to snatch the camera and bit the assistant teacher’s hand and hit her with a brick.

The video clearly shows the bite marks on her hand and bleeding on her head.

NCMIndia shared the video and wrote, “In Unnao UP, Principal Sangita Singh of a primary school was enjoying facial during school timing in the kitchen of the school. When another teacher Anam Khan started making video of the same she bite her in both of her hands and then attacked her with a brick. Never mind all Violence is Male generated.”

According to NDTV, a case has been filed against the headmistress with the Bighapur police on the basis of a complaint by the assistant teacher. The BEO has also ordered an investigation into the case.