Soumya Prakash Pradhan

On the internet, several viral videos have gained popularity. These videos range from people dancing to doing unusual things.

For instance, a video of a street vendor went viral, similar to the way the 'Kacha Badam' video did some time ago.

In this recent viral video, a street vendor in Pakistan's Sahiwal district bears a striking resemblance to former US President Donald Trump as he sells Kulfi.

Azfar Khan, an Instagram user with 199k followers, shared the video with the caption, 'POV: You see Mr. Boris Trump selling Kulfi in Pakistan.'

The video features the man in a Hawker vehicle, dressed in a kurta, singing while selling Kulfi, saying, 'Aye Kulfi... Kulfi! Aaa... Khoya Kulfi, Kulfi, Kulfi!' His expressions and hand gestures are quite captivating as he sings.

Another video of this street vendor was shared by Pakistani singer Shehzad Roy, who captioned it with 'Wah. Qulfi walay bhai, Kya baat hai...'

In this video, the Kulfi seller stands in the middle of the road during a hot summer day, but he still manages to resemble former Donald Trump.

As these videos circulated online and went viral, netizens commented on them.

One user jokingly said, 'Bro unlocked Donald Trump skin 💀,' while another quipped, 'Bros using VPN.'

Some even questioned if it was the real Trump they were seeing.

Others praised the man's singing talent, with comments like 'That's a crazy voice note, no autotune, nothing. Wow 🔥' and 'Kya sur lagaya hai... maza aa gaya 🤩.'

One user humorously suggested, 'Donald Trump after losing the elections 😂.'