Poonam Singh

In the vast animal kingdom, an encounter between mongooses and lions is quite uncommon.  One is a small species not larger than a pet cat while the other is the King of Jungle. And if ever these two cross paths, one will believe that the lion will intimidate the tiny mongoose forcing it to retreat or the mongoose will meet a grim fate at the hands of the apex predators. 

But can you imagine the other way around where a mongoose makes a lion retreat? If you believe this is not possible, you should watch this video which has now gone viral on social media. In the video, a mongoose can be seen boldly facing not one but four lions and making them retreat.

In the video, a fearless mongoose does not tremble in the face of the imposing lions rather confronts them head-on. The video captures moments where the mongoose not only remains undeterred but actually succeeds in intimidating the lions.

The clip was shared on X, (formerly known as Twitter) by a handle called @ClipMagicWorld. The video was shared with the caption, “One Brave mongoose.”

The video has over 1.5K views and many likes and retweets. The video has become a viral sensation on social media platforms with netizens expressing their surprise and sharing their thoughts on the unexpected confrontation between the mongoose and lions.