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Military training is quite intensive and it helps individuals develop physical and mental skills and improve their capabilities to perform different tasks in dangerous situations. However, animals are naturally trained to perform certain tasks as the situation demands. While animals in the wild might leave you surprised with their actions occasionally, it is quite common to witness monkeys performing some jaw-dropping stunts in normal life.

However, here we bring a video that might surprise you and make you laugh. Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows a troop of monkeys performing some amazing stunts.

In the video, the troop of monkeys can be seen sitting in a row atop a towering building. Suddenly, one of the monkeys jumps down and uses two electric cables to slide. The monkey easily slides from one end to another and lands on a tree. Immediately, another monkey jumps on the cable. But, its approach is a bit different. It slides in reverse quite confidently.

Several other monkeys can be seen waiting in the queue and would have used the same cables as the bridge from the building.

Though such incidents are not uncommon in areas with densely populated monkeys, these primates using the long cables as bridges is quite hilarious.

While the source of the video couldn't be verified, shared on Instagram by the funny status, it has garnered over 38K likes along with massive views. Moreover, netizens have flooded the comments section with hilarious statements.

One user wrote, "Apparently, we have carefully created an amusement park for them by placing our lovely city on their habitat." (sic)

Another wrote, "Freefire Squad." (sic)

"Special forces from Planet of the Apes universe," wrote a third user. (sic)

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